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Alcohol Abuse

There are differences between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.  In alcohol abuse there are no strong cravings for alcohol and it does not generally involve dependency. Despite these key differences, alcohol abuse treatment may still be essential to reduce the risk to dependency.

What you need to know about Alcohol Abuse

The following signs of alcohol abuse:

  • Abandoning daily responsibilities.  Serious problems at work (neglecting work responsibilities), school (poor grades), or home (poor parenting-neglecting children's needs).
  • Taking risks such as driving or operating heavy machinery while impaired by alcohol.
  • Getting arrested for drink related problems.
  • Continuing to consume alcohol even when serious problems occur like arguments with a spouse because of alcohol abuse, physical fights while drinking and etc.

Any of the above signs present for over a year, alcohol abuse addiction treatment might be necessary.  People with alcohol dependency or alcohol addiction exhibit many of these problems with other symptoms.  Alcohol abuse may or may not develop to dependence.

Signs that Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Crucial

Signs that someone you know that may need alcohol abuse addiction treatment:

  • Feeling the need to cut down on your drinking habits
  • Feeling annoyed at others criticizing your drinking habits
  • Feeling guilty or bad about drinking
  • Having a drink in the morning after getting up as an "eye opener" to manage a hangover or to steady nerves

If you have questions about whether you or someone you know that may need alcohol addiction treatment please call toll free at 1-877-777-4386.