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Alcohol Rehab Financing

Unless you are wealthy or someone that you know can afford to finance your addiction treatment, coming up with the money to finance alcohol rehab, can be complicated for some to come up with. There are a few individuals that will be able to pay for the bill entirely on their own. There are others that need to find a way to pay for the total cost of alcohol rehab treatment by pooling from different resources.

At Sobriety Home Foundation, we offer alcohol rehab financing to help you pay for alcohol addiction treatment in more affordable monthly payments. If you would like more information about our payment plans or our alcohol rehab program, contact us at 1-877-777-4386 today.

Alcohol Rehab Financing: The First Step

If you have private medical insurance, this can be the first place you can look into regarding alcohol rehab financing. There are health insurance plans that may cover part of the bill for alcohol rehab. Even if you have the most comprehensive health insurance coverage, it is most likely that it won't cover the total cost of alcohol detox and residential addiction treatment programs. The best thing to do is contact your health insurance company directly or speak with your Human Resources representative about your options.

Alcohol Rehab Financing: The Second Step

The second step is to speak with the alcohol rehab that you decide to go to and find out if they have financing. Many have payment plans that require you to pay a percentage upfront and the remaining balance can be paid with affordable monthly instalments. Others may also provide sliding scale payments depending on yearly income or disability. Other alcohol rehabs may have scholarships available made possible by former clients or their family members. Ask about what is available and find out how much you have left to cover after you have researched your options.

Alcohol Rehab Financing: Filling in the Gaps

After the first and second steps, you should have a good idea of how much you have to come up with on your own. You can fill in the gaps and complete your alcohol rehab financing by taking advantage of a number of different options. If you have any personal savings or you can borrow from friends and family then that is an option to cover the remaining costs. If not, selling off an asset or two, depending upon what you own, can also make up for the difference as well. Other resources like non-profit agencies or scholarships in your area may also be an option.

Alcohol Rehab at Sobriety Home Foundation

At Sobriety Home, we offer a residential alcohol addiction treatment and counseling and alcohol detox at our facilities if require. Call us today toll free at 1-877-777-4386 to learn more about our Quebec alcohol rehab program and get details on our financing options.