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Alcohol Rehab Intervention

If there is a loved one that is struggling with alcoholism but is either in denial or oblivious to the damage they are causing oneself, their families and/or career, an alcohol rehab intervention may be the best solution to tackle this matter. It is possible to stage an alcohol rehab intervention with the support of friends and family but if the situation seems more complex it might be best to have a qualified professional interventionist to help.

Alcohol Rehab Intervention: Is it Necessary?

One of the first things is to establish the fact that your loved one needs an alcohol rehab intervention. For a few nights of alcohol abuse or occasional binge drinking throughout the year does not necessarily mean that either an alcohol rehab is necessary or an intervention. But if someone you know simply cannot stop drinking on their own or they have been told by their physician, colleagues, or spouse about the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse then an alcohol rehab intervention would be able to assist you and explain in detail the situation to your loved one.

Not many people know your loved one as well as you. Follow your gut instinct: if you feel that alcohol is destroying their life, then an alcohol rehab intervention is necessary.

Alcohol Rehab Intervention: What to do?

When you plan an alcohol rehab intervention, you need to plan on the following:

  • Who to invite? - Those that are close to your loved one: family members such as siblings and parents, spouses, and close friends. Do not have children present unless they are old enough and have something to contribute.
  • Where? - Decide on a place that seems natural to your loved one, either your home or a close friend's house where they go often. Someplace that is most convenient.
  • When? (date and time) - Settle on a date and time that is suitable for your loved like first thing in the morning or after work. YOUR LOVED ONE SHOULD NOT KNOW ABOUT THE INTERVENTION IN ADVANCE.
  • Who will moderate it? - When you decide either to have an interventionist or not, make sure the person who facilitates the intervention is non-judgmental and able to hold back emotions as much as possible. This would keep those involved as focused as possible which will achieve the most important goal; getting your loved one the alcohol addiction treatment they need.

Alcohol Rehab at Sobriety Home Foundation

At Sobriety Home, we offer an alcohol rehab program and alcohol detox, if necessary. Our program will be personalized according to the needs of your loved one. If you have any questions about what we can do to provide your loved one with medical alcohol addiction treatment, contact us too free at 1-877-777-4386.