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Alcohol Rehab for Seniors

Alcohol Abuse and the Elderly

Before someone sends an elderly loved one to alcohol rehab, it is important to understand the big issue that affects senior citizens today.

One of the humiliating facts about our society today is the lack of sympathy and respect we often show our senior citizens. They are often left alone and unloved by their family members and because of this; alcohol abuse is prevalent among the elderly and is often overlooked.

Senior citizens that have drinking problems are because of loneliness and despair, grief over the loss of a loved one, or to cope with the pain from an injury.

Why alcohol abuse goes unnoticed?

Most often the elderly are not interacting with law enforcement because very few go out to drink at bars or restaurants. The majority drink in isolation in their own homes which consequently prevents them from getting help.

They do not have the risk of losing work because most are retired. Therefore, their problem is hidden.

There are serious risks associated with alcoholism and senior citizens. Many suffer from memory blackouts and operating kitchen appliances such as an oven or stove can lead to a fire. Impaired driving is a big concern with the elderly but when they drink it can only make things scarier.

Alcohol rehab and Senior Citizens: What you need to know

Ending this problem means getting involved. We need to assist the elderly to get proper treatment at an alcohol rehab. To get started, you must recognize the warning signs associated with alcohol addiction. Are they drinking alone? Drinking throughout the day? Self-medicating with alcohol?

It's very important that you choose an alcohol rehab program that has experience working with the elderly. You cannot just send a senior citizen into any alcohol rehab facility. There are many addiction treatment centers that may be able to help but does not cater to their specific needs. The rigors of some treatment programs can be too intense for them physically and psychologically.

Keep in mind that many of the alcohol related problems can be avoided simply by caring. Visiting often, opening up to them and providing comfort and emotional care will help fill the void in that person's life that is currently being filled by alcohol consumption.

The stress that alcoholism puts on the elderly and our Medicare in Canada can no longer be ignored. We must all step up and take some responsibility when it comes to caring for our older relatives. We need to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep them healthy and safe.

Sobriety Home Foundation is equipped to help assist senior citizens with their battle with alcoholism. We provide a safe place for the elderly that is non-judgmental and supportive. We understand their special needs and we can create a treatment plan that is suited for them. Call us now and we are ready to help!