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Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs

There are different kinds of alcohol rehab programs out there to fight alcoholism. Those that suffer from alcohol abuse benefit from an addiction treatment program to overcome alcohol dependency especially if they are not able to do it on their own. From television programs, most assume alcohol rehab facilities to be luxurious and located by the beach where people receive support by the water. These facilities do exist, however many residential alcohol rehabs come in all forms, from luxurious to modest and from inpatient to outpatient alcohol rehab centers.

Anyone researching alcohol addiction treatment facilities need to research all options available before choosing an alcohol rehab program. Each alcohol rehab has unique approaches to addiction treatment and the individual needs to make sure that the one they choose will better benefit their own needs. There are alcohol rehabs at various costs as well as intensity and length of the treatment program.

Inpatient Rehab Centers for Alcohol Abuse Recovery

Inpatient rehab centers are most often associated with alcohol rehab. These alcohol abuse recovery centers are where patients obtain treatment on a residential basis. The average stay for most that come for alcohol abuse treatment is usually 30 days, though it depends on the severity and length of the specific person's addiction. Any inpatient alcohol addiction treatment center upon provides alcohol detox, counselling and support.

Outpatient Rehab Facilities for Recovering Alcoholics

Outpatient treatment program settings vary; some programs take place in a rehab facility, hospital or local community center. Typically, these programs have schedules that require individuals to show up at a certain time and for a specific number of hours of the day. Here they will find support from peers and addiction counsellors. They learn other coping mechanisms to overcome alcohol addiction. Detox required for alcohol withdrawal might be less intensive because at the end of the day individuals go home and are not monitored on a 24 hour basis.

12- Step Alcohol Recovery Programs

12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous are another way to combat alcohol dependency. People receive treatment on an outpatient basis. Individuals are assigned sponsors that support them through the process. During group meetings, individuals are asked to complete the 12-steps that lead to recovery. The program is well known for strong group support and recognizes the accomplishments individuals achieve during the recovery process.

All of the above alcohol addiction treatment programs offer different options to those looking for help. Depending upon the level of physical dependency and the cost, there is help available for anyone.