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Residential Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Alcohol rehab programs help people conquer their alcohol addiction using the tools they are given to get sober, and maintain sobriety after they leave addiction treatment. The two major types of alcohol rehab are outpatient and residential (inpatient). During outpatient alcohol rehab, the addicted person takes part in treatment daily but returns home at night. During residential rehab, the individual moves into the alcohol rehab addiction treatment center from anywhere between a period of weeks to numerous months.

We will be focusing on some of the benefits of residential (inpatient) alcohol rehab, and what the participants who struggle with an alcohol addiction should know before entering an alcohol rehab program.

The Essential Benefits to Residential Alcohol Rehab

There are many benefits to entering a residential alcohol rehab program for alcohol addiction treatment, including:

A safe place to get away. Residential alcohol rehab aims to provide the recovering alcoholic with a place to "escape from it all" and truly focus on healing. When someone is enrolled in an outpatient program, they could be receiving quality care during the day, but they still return home in the evening which can be an environment of negative and tempting influences.

Round the clock supervision. During residential alcohol rehab, the patient receives 24/7 supervision from addiction counsellors. This includes counselling, mental and physical health care, nutrition and exercise programs that all work together to ensure that every minute of the day is dedicated to recovery. This consistent attention is important for those people suffering from extreme addiction issues who need residential rehab programs.

A chance to form a support network. Counsellors and clients make for a unique support network which the recovering alcoholic can only receive in residential rehab. The addiction counsellors and psychotherapists are available all the time to help people through the difficult times, and clients help to eliminate the isolation many alcoholics feel (they finally realize they are not alone and not the only one suffering with alcoholism).

Paying for Residential Alcohol Rehab

For most families, financial sacrifices are demanded in order to send their loved one to residential alcohol rehab. Most residential programs charge a significant fee in order to maintain overhead and hire the best qualified caregivers. However, there are insurance companies that have plans that cover the cost for drug rehab and alcohol rehab because they are included as part of their health care packages. More and more companies and employers have begun to offer reimbursement for alcohol rehab as part of an employee benefits package.

Residential Alcohol Rehab and the Dual Diagnosis Patient

People who suffer from alcoholism and a mental disorder are termed dual diagnosis patients and need treatment for both. The mental disorder and alcoholism are not separated from each other (actually, each tends to make the other worse) so the patient needs integrated therapy from qualified counsellors and psychotherapists to treat all the aspects of their condition. Not every facility offers this level of care, but it is extremely important for dual diagnosis treatment.

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