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Honest Talk About A Personal Relationship With Drugs

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

There is a delicate relationship between drug users, their drug of choice and reality. This comes from somewhat of a personal experience with drugs, and the reason I and so many others got caught up in what at first seemed a glamorous and exciting world. Everyone has their reasons for trying a drug (or alcohol) for the first time. I was surrounded by friends who enjoyed going to middle of the night or early morning dance parties at a variety of locations around the city, and with the music, lights, friends and general atmosphere it was hard to say no to a little pill with a Mazda car company logo on it. Back then the drugs of choice for party-goers were Ecstasy (Now known as “Molly”) and speed, or amphetamines.… Read the rest »

The Increasing Use of Marijuana at Universities Canada Wide

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

With the school year back in full swing there are those are worried about those students who have left high school and are off to their first semester of university or college. One of the main concerns is the party lifestyle that many young university students adopt. Some begin partying the moment they arrive and frequently experiment with alcohol and substances. The substance that is at the forefront of many minds such as parents and school staff is Marijuana. Pot is the most commonly used drug in Canada among youth aged 15-24 according to Canadian substance abuse experts, and this statistic has health officials as well as those operating the universities worried, to say the least. One of the main concerns surrounding the use of pot on campus and during recreational time is that some brain experts believe that the young mind is still developing and that pot can have serious effects on a young brain.… Read the rest »

The Need for Proper Drug Education Has Never Been so Bad

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Is it possible that we’re hearing too much about prescription drug abuse? Whether it’s in celebrity magazines, nightly news, newspapers or the sheer number of articles written about this subject on online news sites as well as their social media pages, these types of drugs are certainly making headlines and in the opinion of many health experts, doctors and special interest groups there needs to be even more awareness before any solution can truly be labeled as effective, but with top medical organizations claiming that these types of drugs are causing an epidemic across North America, there are a growing number of calls for someone to act decisively to end this fast growing trend. With new statistics presenting themselves to us everyday, it seems that in one particular case in the Journal of the American Medical Association 67.8 percent of emergency room visits for overdose in 2010 were caused by prescription painkillers and their subsequent abuse.… Read the rest »