Single Mothers Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol Fight For Their Children and Themselves

The burden of being a single mother is not something I will ever know, and when I use the term burden, I am not making a child out to be an encumbrance. A child is innocent, and the source of immense joy in a mother’s life. I use the term burden because when a mother is addicted to drugs, or alcohol, her life is a burden to her child and herself. This is not a judgment, it is simply a result of substance abuse and the many sad truths that accompany it. One of those truths being the difficulty for an addicted mother to keep her children from going into protective services and not being able to see them. A second truth being that alcohol and substance abuse often hold people back, and prevent them from realizing their goals of independence, financial stability and of course raising their child in a healthy and loving environment.… Read the rest »

Changing The American Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities With Investment

With over 20 million people in the United States suffering from a substance abuse problem, it’s no wonder that available beds in treatment facilities are scarce. The number of factors involved in helping those addicted to drugs or alcohol are, for lack of a better word, abundant. This poses a serious problem in allocating resources to treatment facilities, as some facilities required highly trained addiction counselors, medication, general practitioners and psychiatrists for medical supervision, beds, and all of the basic necessities that anyone staying away from home for weeks or months needs. So what can be done? Well, some of you may not like the idea of investors trying to get in on the addiction treatment industry, which is estimated in the billions of dollars, but with private money comes well-built and new treatment centers.… Read the rest »

The Reliability of Hair Drug Tests and Their Impact on Criminal and Child Protection Proceedings

Ontario’s child advocate is praising a decision to investigate the reliability of hair drug tests performed at the Hospital for Sick Children. These hair tests are generally used on children to see if their parents or those responsible for them have been abusing them by giving them alcohol and drugs. The test has been considered the gold standard in an unknown, but likely very large number of criminal cases where parents have been accused and convicted of dosing and addicting their children with illegal substances and alcohol. The protection of children is of the utmost concern to everyone in Canada, but up until now there has been practically no transparency when it comes to the way that child protection proceedings and decisions have been made when it comes to parents and guardians poisoning their children with drugs either intentionally or inadvertently.… Read the rest »