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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Quebec

Man who’s face is painted with the Quebec flag, ponders Quebec’s approach to alcohol abuse treatment. Thousands of Quebec residents struggle with alcohol addiction every day. For these individuals, the effects of alcoholism on their health and personal well being can be devastating. Quebec alcohol rehab centers provide professional help to individuals who want to get help and be sober. They want to learn how to sustain sobriety for the rest of their life.

When should Alcoholism treatment, or rehab, be considered?

Individuals who cannot get through the day without a drink, become stressed or agitated in between periods of alcohol consumption, or exhibit alcohol withdrawal symptoms when not drinking need to seek treatment immediately and participate in alcohol rehabilitation. For a guide on spotting the warning signs please have a look at our guide on how to spot the warning signs of alcoholism.

What is the Treatment for Alcoholism? What is Rehab?

When an individual becomes dependent on alcohol, they need to overcome the physical and psychological components of their addiction in order to achieve long-lasting sobriety. A good Quebec alcohol rehab program is designed to help get them there.

Quebec alcohol rehab programs differ from facility to facility across the province, but most commonly include:

Alcohol Detox - The initial process of treatment where the individual overcomes the physical aspect of alcohol addiction. This is where the individual ceases alcohol consumption and goes through alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox needs to be supervised my medical and addiction professionals to ensure the individual is safe.

Individual Counselling - One on one sessions with an addictions counsellor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. This helps the individual recognize the root causes of their addiction, speak of concerns regarding their alcohol abuse and learn to develop strategies to overcome self-destructive behaviours.

Group Counselling - These are peer sessions where everyone can talk openly and honestly about their alcoholism with people who will understand and not judge. Strong bonds are usually formed during group counseling, which leads to ongoing support when someone completes their residential alcohol addiction program.

Aftercare Program - Preparing individuals for life after they complete alcohol rehab is crucial. Aftercare programs can be local AA meetings, weekly individual sessions to a sober living arrangement.

What Makes Quebec’s Approach to Rehab Different?

Quebec is known for progressive treatment for addiction. Quebec's spirit of openness to older, more traditional treatment methods and the development of new cutting edge medical science available to residential treatment facilities. So individuals who are looking for additional holistic treatment such as yoga and meditation will find it in Quebec rehab and for those who have tried and failed to achieve recovery with 12 step programs will find Cognitive Based Therapies throughout the province. Foundation is one of Quebec's leading alcohol rehab facilities that treat the mind, body and spirit. Contact Foundation today at 1-888-999-8101 and learn about our comprehensive alcohol rehab program.