The Blue Light of Death: With the World At Our Fingertips Why Would We Look Away?

Sometimes it’s a fantastic idea to take a break. I’m taking a break right now from writing about more serious addiction issues like alcoholism and illicit drug use to touch on one of the most widespread addictions (if you consider it one) facing not just the west, but third world countries as well. Those blue lit screens we are glued to, we just can’t take the time away from them that we should because in the past few years the whole world has become available, and presented, to us on screens in varying sizes. Nearly all the world’s information is at our fingertips, the same goes for entertainment and communication, it’s truly impressive isn’t it? It is. There’s no doubt about that, but to quote an old, and imaginary friend of mine, “with great power comes great responsibility”.Read the rest »

Rest, Recharge and Rage! It’s Spring Break

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again, and for those of us who classify ourselves as salty old buggers, spring break “festivities” truly seem mysterious. There’s no doubt college students, many yet to have “come out of their shells” have a fair amount of stress that needs to be alleviated, but there’s no doubt in the minds of experts and parents alike that binge drinking on a beach for a week straight isn’t the safest, or healthiest, way of shaking off a heavy workload. During spring break, 44 percent of college girls and 75 percent of college guys get drunk on a daily basis. Approximately half of college students binge drink—many will drink to the point of passing out at least once during their vacation (NIAAA).Read the rest »

Will Trump Cure Addiction? Part I

Is it possible that on his days off from the golf course and time away from locker rooms that the new American president will be able to establish a legacy of having fought brilliantly against the  most threatening epidemic to Americans since AIDS? In fact, the comparison between AIDS and opioid addiction isn’t fair. AIDS killed and will continue to kill less people. The growing problem of opioid addiction is a peculiar phenomena that has roots in science, society and economics, and that makes it difficult for anyone but the leader of the free world to make game changing decisions when it comes to how to address the issue.


Addiction to opiates of any variety is a widespread concern. It isn’t just liberal elites who are taking a few too many pain pills with their exquisite glass of wine in the evening.Read the rest »