Should People on Social Assistance Programs Like Welfare Be Routinely Tested for Illegal Drugs?

The issue of welfare and those worthy of receiving it has always been a huge problem for governments. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the Governor of Michigan wants those receiving welfare and other state funded assistance programs to be using the people’s tax dollars on the things they need to survive and function, instead of drugs. Of course, for the most part, people receiving such benefits are down on their luck and are living so far below the poverty line that drugs may seem something like a vacation away from their lives, lives spent worrying about what the future will hold and how to potentially raise kids or take care of themselves in general. While an addiction to drugs can affect just about anyone, the poor are often the hardest hit, and while it’s understandable that a state government would want to see it’s money go to those most in need, it could become a very cruel exercise if they do decided to crack down on welfare recipients who test positively for drugs on routine analysis.… Read the rest »

3 Advantages Of A Rehab Loan And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

3 Advantages Of A Rehab Loan And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

Cost is an obstacle in the way of getting much needed treatment for thousands of Canadians every year.

For those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, registering for a drug or alcohol rehab program may seem like a logical choice, and it is, but just because something makes sense, and we want to do it, doesn’t mean it’s possible. People all across Canada and the U.S. are faced with not only a stigma about addiction, but also the enormous cost of doing what they, and let’s face it, everyone else wants them to do. Go to rehab.

Wherever there is a lack of money for a particular problem faced by just about anybody, there are those seeking to lend to them (for a small fee, of course).… Read the rest »

Provincial Court for Drug Addiction is Getting a Second Chance to Help Addicts Turn From Criminals to Rehabilitated Members of Society

To some, it’s a rare occurrence when the federal government of Canada does something right that should be applauded and recognized as a good idea. It isn’t a new idea, but the feds have decided to re-open and fund provincial level courts that deal with non-violent crimes committed by drug addicts. It certainly makes a lot of sense, as such crimes are usually committed out of desperation, but it is still important to remember that they are in fact crimes and that behavior cannot be tolerated. While some hardliners would see such criminals arrested and thrown in jail for years, the more reasonable thinking believes that it’s a waste of police resources and taxpayer money to keep such people locked up in an environment that offers no real rehabilitation.… Read the rest »