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British Columbia has so much to offer Canadians as both a vacation destination and a permanent home. The province’s diverse landscapes, beautiful forests, stunning lakes, towering mountains and of course, the ocean, make BC one of the most attractive places to visit in our great country. A province known for healthy living, skiing, outdoorsmanship as well as a thriving urban culture in the lower mainland, wouldn’t be everyone’s first guess as to one of the most problematic places in Canada for drug addiction. Vancouver is British Columbia’s largest city, but also the capital of heroin addiction in Canada. The problem has now begun to spread throughout Canada but residents of BC have felt the pain and heartbreak from substance abuse for many years now, and there simply aren’t enough treatment options available.

The beautiful okanagan region in british columbia is an excellent place to find hope for beginning drug addiction treatment Foundation has welcomed and helped many residents of British Columbia end their addiction to drugs, and our first rate staff have treated scores of different types of addictions. From party drugs in youth, to the abuse of prescription painkillers, Foundation has seen success after success with our unique and balanced approach to substance abuse recovery. A dedication that many in BC have to healthy living is a strength that we at Foundation put to use in our treatment programs. We devise individualized strategies in treatment that combine both a science based approach, and holistic alternatives to end addiction and promote wellness during recovery.

The sun sets on downtown vancouver, and on drug addiction in the city as many addicts decide to make a change and seek treatment for their substance abuse.

Healthy living is a fundamental part of the treatment strategy Foundation will devise for a client. Our meals are made with fresh, organic ingredients farmed locally. While clients are not participating in therapy, group therapy or other structured activities, there are many ways they can work on themselves during their stay with us. We encourage our clients to use our exercise equipment and programs, take up yoga should they choose, meditate and even opt for a massage if they are feeling stressed or anxious. Embarking on a life changing journey of ending one’s addiction to drugs is ambitious, courageous but also very difficult. Foundation offers the amenities we do to both ease worry and stress, but also because exercise, healthy eating and privacy are proven to assist in recovery. If drug addiction is plaguing your life, and you feel a change needs to be made, Foundation’s door is always open and we welcome those from BC with open arms.

Man on the coast of BC embraces drug addicts with open arms as they are beginning their journey of recovery and sobriety.

Treatment Addiction Services in British Columbia

Alberni Valley Drug & Alcohol

4260A 10th Ave.
Port Alberni, British Columbia
V9Y 4X3
Phone: (250) 724-6166
Fax: (778) 421-0465

Serving youth and young adults aged 10-25, there is a heavy focus on preventing substance abuse in young people. Plenty of information is made available to the demographic served, and families can participate and receive support and therapy if needed.

Downtown Community Health Centre

569 Powell St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1G8
Phone: (604) 255-3151
Fax: (604) 255-0314

Providing addiction services including opiate agonist therapy (methadone/Suboxone) initiation and maintenance; needle exchange (clean needles and other harm reduction equipment/supplies) plus support in seeking detox, recovery houses and treatment centres. Counsellors provide short-term individual counselling, as well as groups that address both mental health and addiction issues and referrals to other community resources and education.

Kelowna Mental Health & Substance Use Services

1340 Ellis St.
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 5N3
Phone: (250) 868-7788

Compass is a residential program for young people who want support to change their use of alcohol or drugs. It’s a place to learn about yourself, develop new skills, and move forward in your life.

SHARE - Family and Community Services

200 – 25 King Edward St.
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3K 4S8
Phone: (604) 540-9161
Fax: (604) 540-2290

Youth Substance Use Services offer a supportive counselling environment, encouraging youth to feel comfortable to explore alcohol and drug related concerns and consider options for developing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Referral, presentations and consultations to students under 19 years of age and parents/caregivers in School District 43 seek to promote positive and healthy youth development.

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Narcotics Anonymous Drug Addiction Treatment Meetings in British Columbia

Narcotics Anonymous, or “NA”, helps thousands of people worldwide regain control of their lives by using a 12-step addiction treatment model. NA is the sister organization to Alcoholics Anonymous and operates much in the same way, with meetings taking place for addicts in and around their community. The primary goal of NA is to end addiction amongst members by allowing addicts to connect with each other in a safe and friendly environment free of judgement.

Pass it On Group

Open Meeting
Monday 7:30pm

2584 Cyril Street
Basement2584 Cyril St
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V2S 2G2

Starting Fresh Group

Open Meeting
Monday 8:00pm

St-Alban’s Anglican Church
7717 19th Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia
V3N 1E8

Unity Group

Open Meeting
Saturday 8:00pm

Alano Club of Courtenay
543 6th Street
Courtenay, British Columbia
V9N 1M5

Lost And Found Group

Open Meeting
Thursday 7:30pm

Kamloops United Church
421 St Paul Street
Kamloops, British Columbia
V2C 2J7