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The abuse of drugs is a phenomenon that is widespread across Canada, and no province has been spared the struggles of helping those who need treatment. The Northwest Territories, unfortunately very difficult to access at times, has suffered with the rest of the country but without the benefit of easy to find treatment options. This is problematic for those addicted to drugs who while in a desperate situation, would otherwise be able to receive treatment and beat their dependence on narcotics or other substances. Fortunately, there are options for those who reside in the wonderous Northwest Territories, and help is available to those looking to make a change. Foundation, a residential drug addiction treatment centre located a short drive from Ottawa, is more than capable to assist those coming to us from the north, and can provide all the necessary information to make the journey towards sober, healthy living more convenient. There are always questions when someone seeks treatment for drug abuse, and the friendly team at Sobriety Home is ready to answer them.

A mountainous region of the northwest territories is a symbol of power and strength that drug addicts can use to overcome their addiction during recovery

We have helped people from all across Canada end their addictions once and for all, using proven, science based treatment programs as well as providing our clients top notch creature comforts and things to keep busy with during their stay. It may be daunting to travel across Canada to attend treatment for an addiction to drugs, but the truth is many who travel to go through recovery benefit from the distance between rehab and home. Why is this? It’s simple, really. The space between a client and their community, favorite spots to party, friend who do drugs and the scrutiny of neighbours or coworkers provides a healthier foundation to begin one’s recovery. In addition to that benefit, Foundation offers private rooms and delicious healthy meals to all of our clients to help keep their spirits up while going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. We treat everyone as individuals, and tailor our treatment approach to them. While those addicted to drugs share plenty with each other, the best approach is still to treat every client based on their drug or drugs of choice, their lifestyle and their belief system. Dignity and compassion are paramount to success in rehab, and our team will always treat those under our care with the respect they deserve.

An icebridge in northwest territories shows us that the road to recovery can be a treacherous one without the proper treatment and support

The highly trained, professional staff at Foundation have seen many different types of addiction, and are prepared for just about any case no matter how daunting it may seem. Our judgement-free, attentive team members will work together to ensure that a client’s stay with us is both comfortable and productive. Throughout a client’s stay, they will have access to a gym, personal trainer, massage therapy, holistic treatments, recreational activities, plenty of time outdoors, gardening, kayaking and so much more. In respect to treatment, a client can expect to go through an intake phase, counselling and be provided with aftercare services. At all times medical staff can be accessed by any client who is in need, and everything submitted to or spoken about with Foundation is completely confidential. Reducing stress, easing worry and anxiety, while providing next level drug addiction rehabilitation is the Foundation mission. Please feel free to reach out to us if you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs, we’re more than happy to help.

young hunter returns from battling a wolf, a metaphor for someone returning home to the northwest territories after overcoming their drug addiction with the help of Sobriety Home

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Drug Addiction Treatment Centres In The Northwest Territories

Community wellness is a priority for NWT communities. Communities have created community wellness plans that will support the goal of improving community health outcomes related to mental health and addictions. For more information on the community wellness plan in your community, please contact your local Band or Hamlet office. Outpatient programs include counselling, day programs and group therapy for residents in the community. Outpatient programs allow participants to continue with their daily lives. Talk to your community counsellor or wellness worker to find out what programs are available in your community.


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Fort Resolution

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Narcotics Anonymous In The Northwest Territories

Inspired by the primary purpose of the groups we serve, our Vision provides direction for all the efforts and actions of the Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous. In our vision is a time when addicts throughout the geographical expanse we serve need no longer suffer and die without having had the opportunity to discover and experience the miracle of recovery offered by Narcotics Anonymous.

Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous

PO Box 812 Edmonton Main
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2L4

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, California
Phone: (818) 773-9999 ext. 771

Yellowknife Group of NA

Yellowknife Group of NA
Edmonton Area NA
Phone: (877) 379-6652
Toll-Free: (855) 421-4429