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A sober St Patrick's Day? Yes you can!

Start a new habit on days that challange your commitment to sobriety It's party time! Bring on the green beer? Not for you this year, you have made the choice to get and to stay sober. So how will you tackle this day that is fraught with dangers of back sliding and still say sane?

Start something new!

We all have habits most of them are standard and benign, like that morning stretch, a cup of coffee and maybe catching up on current events. But for some of us, habits can be challenging. Especially those bad habits that don't really serve our best interests. One of these can be associating a good time with drinking. If this sounds like you take heart you are not alone and we have a few tips to help you get yourself a few new healthy habits that can help you stay on track.

Start an exercise routine

It does not have to be at an expensive gym, or even a difficult boot camp thing, although if that's your sort of thing have at it! No sometimes the K.I.S.S. principle can also be applied to exercise. A walk around the block can clear out even the foggiest brain, and try not to check your phone or instagram the moment. Just take in the world and sights and sounds around you, nature really can help heal us. If you are more flexible, or just want to learn to really breathe, then maybe take up Yoga, you don't even have to leave the house to learn a few low impact asanas online.

Drinking Isn't The Only Thing The Irish Are Known For:

You're booze free now. Quite the accomplishment! Why not spend St-Patrick's day learning something interesting about Ireland or the Irish people? I LOVE watching movies about places I have yet to visit and people that I have yet to meet and Google is a great source to help you find some Irish movies .

Attend a meeting

And if this day is just really stressful it is always super helpful to attend a meeting, after all, everyone there is also on a journey of healing and each of them can relate to what you are experiencing.  Just remember, that whatever challenges this day poses to you, when you are a graduate of a Sobriety Rehab program you have been given a tool kit and a whole team at the ready to help you. And if you have not made the leap but have made the decision to get sober, just give us a call. We have people here that will listen, can answer your questions about rehab and can help you to make choices that make sense for your personal journey. Give us a call at 1-888-999-8101 or send us a message, we are here ready whenever you are.

No judgment, just solid help from people who care.

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