There Is No One Size Fits All Approach to Alcoholism and Recovery

We know that Alcoholics Anonymous, nicknamed AA, works for so many people. It really does, and you’re kidding yourself if you believe it doesn’t. Thousands of people after going through some type of rehabilitation program have moved on to a 12 step program and succeeded. The problem with addiction, and alcoholism in particular, is that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a one size fits all solution for every single alcoholic. Some people respond to “the God talk”, others to a more spiritual but not overtly religious message. Others still prefer the comfort of psychology and science to aid them in their recovery. The point is, don’t knock it, but don’t resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to have to force yourself to believe in something you just  can’t  in order to get well. If God exists, and I’m not exactly a religious person  these days, I doubt he wants you feeling coerced into coming to know him. I don’t believe that’s what AA does, but it may feel that way to some alcoholics trying to make sense of their problem.


A well rounded approach, custom tailored to an individual’s specific needs is what works best in recovery. Finding what that person needs, wants and is afraid of is immeasurably important to their overall success and future health. Finding what works, no more, no less.At Sobriety home rehab centers this is what we believe and practice. Spirituality, holistic approaches, exercise, science, psychology and stimulating activities and therapy sessions are our greatest tools, but one of our most important abilities is ongoing reading and research into personal stories we find in our communities and across the web. The example I’m about to show you is very interesting, and is a great reminder that finding what works for you is really the only approach that’s going to guide you towards a healthy and happy life free of alcohol.
Beth Leipholtz shares her journey of post recovery on The Fix, and I encourage you as the reader to take a close look at her unique but common sense approach to distancing herself from what wasn’t working for her and moving towards something that did, and continues to keep her sober: