3 Advantages Of A Rehab Loan And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

3 Advantages Of A Rehab Loan And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

Cost is an obstacle in the way of getting much needed treatment for thousands of Canadians every year.

For those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, registering for a drug or alcohol rehab program may seem like a logical choice, and it is, but just because something makes sense, and we want to do it, doesn’t mean it’s possible. People all across Canada and the U.S. are faced with not only a stigma about addiction, but also the enormous cost of doing what they, and let’s face it, everyone else wants them to do. Go to rehab.

Wherever there is a lack of money for a particular problem faced by just about anybody, there are those seeking to lend to them (for a small fee, of course). I’m not going to go into my rambling and disjointed views of the finance industry in this article, so you can feel a little bit safer about reading the rest of this.

Now, many medical finance companies across the U.S. and Canada offer qualifying individuals a lump sum of cash to attend rehab or participate in an addiction treatment program that, up front, would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. So, what are the advantages to applying for a rehab loan? Is it something worth looking into? How does it benefit you?

To get one thing out of the way, there are a lot of ways to get a rehab loan. In fact, in most cases, it isn’t called that. It would be a personal loan from the bank, refinancing your home, arranging a payment plan with the treatment centre you want to go to or simply borrowing money from friends and family members. All of these could be considered a rehab loan, because you’re borrowing money with the intent to go to rehab and get well.

Now, let’s look at the major reasons a rehab loan could make the difference in your life, or in the life of a loved one:

1) You can get the treatment you need, faster.

This one is obvious, but is 100% true. Checking yourself into a “government” or “provincial” rehab centre isn’t so much of a “checking in” situation, but more of a long wait followed by being bumped from list to list. All while our anxiety levels rise and we become increasingly discouraged. Did I mention that it’s also a confusing process? While the federal government and provincial level politicians are trying to do more to help addicts and reduce the harm affecting tens of thousands of Canadians, there is still much to be desired in the “ease of access” department. The federal government has a great resources page that lists off many high level resources, but it fails at delivering what many are looking for in the moment: Help.

Good things take time, they say, and I think we can all agree to that in some way, but the addict’s reality is that there are brief moments and small windows of opportunity to seek treatment. The rock bottom myth is still a popular one, and I won’t bore you with the details as you already know most of them. The reality is, seeking help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol from a public insitution takes time. If you can wait, it’s a great (and much cheaper) option to pursue, but many simply can’t afford to.

Private rehab centres, offer folks an option that let’s you skip the line, so to speak, but at a price. Often times, a hefty one. Some would ask “well, what’s the price of good health?” and of course the only answer that makes sense is that we can’t put a price on our health. The problem? Others can.

Private treatment can be costly, but there are reasons for that. You aren’t just getting treated faster, you’re getting quality care, better amenities, better food and there are less people going through rehab at the same time as you. The last one counts for a whole lot for many folks who take privacy seriously.

The long and the short of it? A rehab loan can allow someone (without impressive financial means) to get the treatment they need, when they need it. It’s more often than not excellent treatment, too, and can have a massively positive impact on your life.

2) You’re less likely to put it off.

Procrastination, anyone?

Well it isn’t that simple, actually. It’s not as vanilla as putting off doing the laundry, or paying that parking ticket, or cleaning your dogs ears. It’s scary. Terrifying, in fact. We may be fully aware of our problem, of the pain we’re causing ourselves and others, but change is hard. Going to rehab is, without a doubt, the hardest thing most of the people who attend have ever had to do. It’s a look into our souls, and often what looks back isn’t so appealing. Detox can be a grueling, painful experience and the thought of leaving the safety of a rehab centre’s four walls at the end of treatment? Frightening, to say the least.

Don’t put it off, try not to psyche yourself out, and do this for yourself.

Money is both a gateway and a barrier to so many things in our lives, if you qualify for a loan to go to rehab, don’t let it drag you down. Weigh the pros and cons, but do it fast, because chances to end an addiction really don’t come around very often.

3) You can go anywhere.

A fresh start.

Let’s put stigma aside for a second (and hopefully forever), and picture an addict. Do they really look like a zombie from The Walking Dead? Skinny, crappy clothes, mumbling nonsense and for all we can tell flaunting their addiction? Almost certainly NOT. Many addicts function, and keep on “functioning” for a very long time. They retreat from the world, their loved ones, their careers, sure, but it’s a slow process. Many loved ones, friends, bosses and so on don’t notice someone has a problem for a very long time.

Once that cat’s out of the bag, though, look out. All any of us, were we to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, would want to do is run and hide. We’d probably retreat into our addiction and into our own little world of blissful drunkeness (or highness) where it’s comfortable, and less scary. Worse still, the stigma of addiction (and getting help) is so prelevant in some families and communities, that there is no way we’d opt to go to rehab in our own backyard. Too much familiarity, no thanks! Provincial resources for helping those with addiction often offer local treatment, which can be great, don’t get me wrong here, but some people need a “clean slate” or “fresh start” to get moving.

A rehab loan can help you do this. If you qualify for the loan, and can travel, you can go anywhere across Canada to get treatment (or anywhere across the U.S., I didn’t forget about you friendly southern neighbours!). Leaving town to get the help you need can let you approach the whole thing with more self-honesty. There’s no one around that you know, your old haunts aren’t a block away, and the difficult emotions of facing family members can wait until you’re better prepared to deal with them.

In short? You can heal in peace, safety and privacy.

Posted by: Alex Graham of Heritage Home Foundation