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Like any other industrialized nation, alcohol and drug addiction continues to be of particular concern in Canada.

Canada is a hub in the international drug trafficking trade. In 2007, as was reported by Statistics Canada in May of 2009, the illicit drug-crime rate hit a 30-year high. At the time of the report, there were more than 100,000 drug-related crimes reported across the country, and the drug-crime rate was estimated at 305 cases per 100,000 peoples. Concurrently, the overall crime rate in Canada hit a 30-year low.

However, we have been seeing signs of change. With President Obama’s new drug czar appointee, we are seeing a pointed shift away from the Reagan-era ‘War of Drugs’ to a treatment-centric approach. There has been a shift in the North American rhetoric, and the acceptance that the European model is significantly more successful at reducing drug and alcohol use and abuse.

The war on drugs quickly became a war on people—the wrong people. Incarceration and other punitive means do not reduce drug abuse. It merely pushes individuals deeper into their addictions, drives drug use further underground, and addictions deeper into the system. The number of drug-related arrests should not be the metric upon which we measure our success; the significant reduction in the number of people suffering addiction should.

For example, the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) recently reported that 1 in 10 Canadians aged 15 years and older reported symptoms of alcohol or drug addiction. As well, Canadian men are 2.6 times more likely than women to suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. One-quarter of men exhibit high-risk drinking behavior versus 9% of women.

But, for fear of recrimination or without access, how many received helped?

Sobriety must be the ultimate goal. There are examples of its success all over the world. It’s time that we in Canada look to a new model.

At Foundation residential addiction treatment center, we provide state-of-the-art residential care for addictions to drugs and alcohol. The clinical staff stays with our clients, supporting them as they transition back into their lives, with our Aftercare program, ensuring that residents coming from across the country continue to receive the support and guidance needed to stay sober after returning home.

No matter your situation, no matter your reasons, your sobriety is our goal.

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