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Nutrition & Addiction Treatment

Meal plans for drug rehab & alcohol addiction treatmentAs an addiction treatment center with a holistic approach, nutrition is another key component to our addiction treatment programs. We have dieticians and cooks on staff to assess and then meet all of your dietary needs.

Drug & alcohol rehab program with meals plans to control cravingsOur dietary plans are designed to work with the biochemistry of addiction in the brain, successfully reducing substance cravings. Research has shown that a diet rich in brown rice, nuts and seeds, milk, fish and other sources of omega-3 fatty acids, when combined with a psychotherapeutic program, significantly improves the chances of achieving and maintaining sobriety. As well, our dieticians plan snacks and meals to work with the body’s natural cycle, significantly improving restful sleep.

We are continuously reading and investigating nutrition and addiction research in order to keep our dietary plans as beneficial to you as possible.

Sobriety Home uses only local and sustainable food sources, ensuring the highest quality and nutrition.