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Quebec Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism can be progressive when untreated and it can affect the alcoholic's life and their loved ones. For this reason, alcoholism treatment is not the same for everyone because everyone's addiction and circumstances are different. A Quebec alcoholism treatment program can do just that. The total number of research facilities and open studies conducted by universities and health agencies across Quebec and all of Canada are dedicated to research on alcoholism and addiction has created cutting edge pharmacotherapy treatment options. Quebec alcoholism treatment centers are exceptionally equipped to provide the most up to date and effective treatment.

Sobriety Home Foundation is an alcoholism treatment center in Godmanchester, Quebec. Contact us today at 1-877-777-4386 to learn more about our alcohol rehab program.

Quebec Alcoholism Treatment and Detox

If you are physically addicted to alcohol and experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms like heart palpitations, shakiness or tremors, vomiting, agitation, etc. when you cease drinking, then your Quebec alcohol treatment center should provide medical detox services. Onsite medical detox facilities followed by alcohol rehab counselling are best to make sure that you will be cared for properly in a safe and supportive environment.

There are some people, who may suffer severe alcohol withdrawal and experience convulsions, black outs, seizures, hallucinations and heart failure, it is imperative that you do not attempt to detox alone. A Quebec alcoholism treatment center that provides medical detox services will make sure that you are safe.

Types of Quebec Alcoholism Treatment

Depending on the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms, there are different types of Quebec alcoholism treatment programs that will suit your individual needs. Almost everyone that enters alcohol rehab may experience mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These may be manageable on an outpatient basis. Nevertheless, for those who experience moderate to severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, an inpatient alcoholism treatment center is the best decision.

Quality Quebec Alcoholism Treatment

Though you can find basic alcoholism treatment centers funded by provincial government that provide you with the basics in addiction treatment and unfortunate wait times involved, you also have the choice to attend private alcohol rehabs in a plethora of settings whether luxurious or in a clinical setting. The benefit of private Quebec alcoholism treatment centers is that wait times are minimal and the counsellor to client ratio is lower and you are given access to a variety of psychotherapeutic treatment methods and activities. There are adventure courses and alternative therapies that basic funded rehabs do not offer due to budget constraints and larger client base.

In a private Quebec rehab you are given the space to heal and recover in your own private room with bathroom. Healthy organic meals made from locally grown produce and raised meat, beautiful views, country walks and the ability to have your own individualized treatment program based on your interests and needs. This means that you find more value in your time and money well spent at a quality private Quebec alcoholism treatment center.

Quebec Alcoholism Treatment at Sobriety Home Foundation

Sobriety Home Foundation is a cozy home like residential alcoholism treatment center in the beautiful countryside of Godmanchester, Quebec and one a one hour drive south of Montreal. To find out more about our alcohol rehab program, contact us today at 1-877-777-4386.