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Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Aftercare services are available once a client has successfully completed alcohol rehab.  Aftercare is essential and helps clients maintain sobriety after they return home and helps to prevent relapse. The main goal for all alcohol rehab addiction programs is maintain abstinence and learn relapse prevention. When you leave an alcohol rehab facility, there are a number of options of services to assist you in put ting to practice the techniques that were taught in alcohol addiction treatment.

At Sobriety Home, we offer a plethora of aftercare services. If you would like to learn more about our aftercare program or alcohol rehab, contact us toll free at 1-877-777-4386 today.

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Services

Alcohol rehab aftercare services consist of weekly alumni support group sessions.  Alumni support group sessions are open to anyone that has successfully graduated from their treatment program. This allows you to continue the support that was made during residential addiction treatment.   You keep in contact with addiction counsellors and psycho-therapists that you worked with during your time during at an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Some alcohol rehabs may also have sober living facilities onsite and is offered as an option. These homes may be located on the same site and you can live in a protected environment with peers and have the counselling support without a structured scheduled treatment.  Usually residents are expected to respect house rules where it is chores, being responsible and not bringing alcohol and/ or drugs into the house, attending house meetings and counselling sessions.  Many sober living arrangements require that you gain employment or attend school to begin the transition to your own home environment outside a rehab setting.

There are other options for aftercare.  In case you live far away from your alcohol rehab, there are options to stay in touch via telephone or email to continue the necessary support to rebuild your life after you complete residential addiction treatment.

There are cases where it may be necessary to obtain referrals for therapists or doctors in your home area to continue treatment that was started during alcohol rehab. This can be obtained before you complete your alcohol addiction treatment program.

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare: Which works best for you?

Our therapeutic team can assist you with your decision regarding aftercare. Depending upon your home environment, sometimes recommendations are made to clients to live in a transitional home known as sober living. If there are supportive family members present or roommates, sober living may not be necessary.  But a sponsor may be helpful enough to check in regularly while you continue to build your support network outside of alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare at Sobriety Home Foundation

At Sobriety Home, we offer a number of different aftercare options for those who successfully complete our alcohol rehab addiction treatment program. Contact us at 1-877-777-4386 for more additional information.