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Alcohol Rehab Clinic and Avoiding Relapse after Treatment

Even though it is quite common for many alcoholics to relapse after attending a residential alcohol rehab treatment center; there are so many ways to reduce this risk and preventing it from becoming a full blown relapse where one goes on a binge. From making a routine, changing your social groups, healthy activities, keeping in contact with those that attended alcohol rehab with you and aftercare will provide you with the safety net you need to keep you from relapsing after a residential alcohol addiction treatment.

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Alcohol Rehab Clinic Relapse Prevention Techniques: Change Your Social Group

To prevent relapse after you have attended a residential alcohol rehab you must avoid triggers. One of the most effective and scariest trigger for many is to change your friends and/or social group. Choose friends that are sober and have a positive outlook on life. Look for new friends or remain friends with those that you don't have a long negative history of conflict with. In many cases, this may mean that you need to find new friends to spend your time with.

Keep in mind that if people judge you because you were at an alcohol rehab, it is usually best to move on and find someone else that will not care about your past or understand what you have gone through is important to your success.

Alcohol Rehab Clinic Relapse Prevention Techniques: Make a Routine

When you were in residential alcohol rehab, you had to follow a schedule. From the time you out of bed to lights out, you had one activity after another. When you complete residential addiction treatment, it's essential that you instil a similar routine. Creating and maintaining a schedule that you plan according to your needs will help you avoid the deadly free time that often signals disaster. Compose one and make it very detailed, from eating breakfast, showering, getting to and from work, the gym etc. and stick to it no matter what.

Alcohol Rehab Clinic Relapse Prevention Techniques: Maintain Support with Others in Recovery

When you attended your residential alcohol rehab addiction treatment facility, you probably made a few friends and close connections because you were all going through the same struggles and shared similar experiences. Some may even remained at the alcohol rehab after you completed your addiction treatment program and there were others that returned home before you or left at the same time. By reaching out to these people whether you visit them, catch up at a local cafe or go to a meeting you are giving each other the much needed support you both need to avoid relapse.

Alcohol Rehab Clinic Relapse Prevention Techniques: Aftercare Services

Aftercare is vital in the prevention of relapse after you have completed a residential alcohol addiction treatment. By choosing individual therapy once a week along with a local 12 step meeting or other support group are two of the most effective and frequent aftercare services. For a more intensive aftercare service option once you have completed alcohol rehab is sober living care also known as a half way housing. These social reinsertion programs let you continue to live with the same protection and safety that you had from the residential alcohol rehab but without the rigorous schedule. You are free to work or go to school and begin the reintegration process with the community. When you go home from work or school at least you will feel assured that you are surrounded by supportive people who are also clean and sober.