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Alcohol Rehab and its Costs

Alcohol rehab is in high demand and according to Statistics Canada and Health Canada reports that approximately half of the population that seek addiction treatment last year was because of an alcohol problem.

It is hard to put a price tag on good health. The reality is that quality medical and psychiatric care costs money like an alcohol rehab center with superior addiction treatment. Like medical treatment program, the cost of an alcohol rehab can vary depending on quality. There are less expensive outpatient alcohol rehab facilities and luxurious residential treatment centers that can cost thousands of dollars per week.

Alcohol Rehab-How Much Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Cost?

There are many different price ranges for alcohol rehab as there are different kinds of addiction treatment facilities all across Canada. Outpatient rehab (where someone attends treatment during the day and comes back home in the evening) can cost hundreds of dollars per week. Inpatient luxury rehabs can cost much more, with some of the top facilities in the country reaching potential costs of over several thousand dollars per month. Evidently, residential alcohol rehab addiction treatment programs have costs and overhead not typically associated with outpatient facilities.

Helping Offset the Cost of Alcohol Rehab

Families that have been impacted by alcoholism may find themselves in a difficult financial situation. The alcoholic may have either spent the family savings supporting their alcohol habit, or have lost their job or dropped out of school due to absence or poor performance because of their alcohol addiction.

For family members, the thought of paying hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars a week for an alcohol rehab program can make this difficult situation more stressful. There are alternatives that these families can get help without sacrificing their financial stability. There are more alcohol rehab centers that offer low interest rate financing to help assist those that need help to pay for treatment. There are some private insurance companies that may cover the entire cost or partially help pay for certain alcohol rehab centers. It is very important and imperative that you check with your insurance carrier before enrolling in any alcohol rehab addiction treatment program.

Some employers that recognize the importance of the health and well-being of their employees may offer alcohol rehab reimbursement plans as part of their benefits package. This signifies a deep change in judgment from the past decades where many of those that suffered from alcoholism would be most likely fired as a result of their condition. According to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) alcoholism costs companies millions of dollars each year due to lost productivity and work related accidents due to intoxication.

Sobriety Home Foundation offers a comfortable and intensive residential alcohol addiction treatment program for those who need it most. Our caring team of counsellors and medical staff will work closely with you to overcome the physical and psychological challenges associated with alcohol addiction. We would love to give you a new lease on life and the power to enact real change. For more information, contact Sobriety Home to speak with one of our counsellors toll free at 1-877-777-4386.