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Alcohol Rehab for Women

Even though fewer women are afflicted with alcohol addiction versus men, women still experience the devastating effects of alcohol addiction.  Women who face alcohol addiction have a unique set of challenges.  A rehab treatment center for women helps identify any issues pertaining to alcohol addiction and gives them a chance to overcome their adversities and help regain their physical health and mental well-being.

Why Do Women Become Alcoholics?

Even though many women may share the same mitigating factors of alcoholism as men, there are several other causes that are almost exclusively to women such as self-esteem and self-image issues. Especially teens and women in their early twenties may suffer from significant self-esteem issues. Mainstream media floods young women with unattainable or an unrealistic pictures of beauty. Therefore, anxiety and depression are present because many women try to become that image but when they can they numb their pain with alcohol.  A co-dependent relationship where their significant other has a drinking problem is also an indication. In these destructive relationships, women are trapped in the cycle of addiction and fear if they do not take part in that behaviour their relationship will fail.  Physical and/or sexual abuse is one of the leading causes of alcohol and drug addiction.  Many victims are unable to speak of the incident and often isolate themselves, become depressed or self medicate with alcohol.

What Happens During Alcohol Rehab for Women?

There are three primary elements every alcohol rehab program has for women: detox, counselling and aftercare.

  • Detox. The alcohol detox process is the initial part of the recovery process.  The detox process consists of ceasing all alcohol consumption.  This helps women overcome their physical addiction to alcohol and cleanses the body from harmful associated with alcohol abuse.  During this period, the women may experience a series of withdrawal symptoms for up to two weeks.  Once she is finished with this process she can commence with her alcohol addiction treatment with intensive counselling based on her specific needs.
  • Counselling. The heart of alcohol addiction treatment is counselling whether it is individual or group sessions.  These are the most effective treatment methods for alcohol abuse in women. During therapy sessions, the women learn relapse prevention skills, the dangers of alcohol abuse through psycho-educational workshops and identifying their triggers.  Furthermore, during these sessions women can discover the reasons why she began abusing alcohol and learn healthy coping skills to change her destructive behaviour and make better life choices and move forward from alcohol addiction.
  • Aftercare is essential for women after the completion of an alcohol addiction treatment rehab.  Women need guidance and continued support to maintain sobriety. There are 12-step programs, women's groups, individual counselling and sober living arrangements can all provide a healthy transition from a residential alcohol addiction rehab.

The Importance of Alcohol Rehab for Women

Women benefit greatly from programs that cater to their needs. Even though there are programs exclusively for women, the best rehab facilities create an environment that is conducive and safe for recovery. At Sobriety Home, we have gender-specific group counselling sessions. These sessions allow women to share experiences with one another and can speak openly without fear or being judged by others especially those that do not understand alcohol addiction.

Alcohol rehab for women addresses women's issues related to personal relationships and child-care and how alcohol addiction can impact these concerns.  Single mothers that are in recovery have a number of challenges awaiting them after alcohol rehab.  Fear of losing their children is one of them. 

Sobriety Home understands the unique needs of women who are recovering from alcohol addiction. Our clinical team at our residential alcohol addiction treatment rehab facility works closely with every woman to provide individualized care and attention. We have individual sessions as well as same sex group therapy sessions.  Contact Sobriety Home and speak with one of our addiction treatment specialists for more information and help.