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Addiction Treatment Aftercare Program

Sobriety Home’s aftercare program is fast and easy to accessCongratulations for completing your alcohol drug treatment at Foundation. We love to take this opportunity to commend you on accomplishing your addiction recovery goals that you have set for yourself when you entered our facility. We recognise leaving the safety and security of residential treatment comes with new challenges and obstacles. Leaving in-patient and reintegrating back into your new sober life can be daunting, especially without dedicated, professional support.

We at Foundation are thrilled that you will not have to face this challenging and difficult time alone!

We proudly announce the launch of our brand new Aftercare Program. Graduates are provided with access to our unique web-based platform which allows them to access meetings from the comfort of their own homes via a computer or cell phone

Our group discussions are led by qualified trained facilitators and provide a safe and enjoyable environment where you will be able to share challenges, strategies as well as connect with others. Our aim is to create an easily accessible mobile environment that would be an excellent way for you to further your recovery goals.