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Sobriety Home Addiction Treatment Articles

At Sobriety Home, we stay up-to-date on all the latest research and information on all addiction treatment approaches and alternative treatment options. Here, we share our perspective on topics that matter most in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment and Weight Loss: An All-in-One Fix?Addiction Treatment and Weight Loss: An All-in-One Fix?

Addiction recovery on Valentine’s Day can be hard for some.Addiction Recovery on Valentine’s Day

Addiction Treatment and The Power of MortalityAddiction Treatment and The Power of Mortality

Cold Medicine Abuse and AddictionCold Medicine Abuse and Addiction

Drug Addiction Reappearing in the BoomersDrug Addiction Reappearing in the Boomers

The Methamphetamine Crisis Hiding Behind the Opioid EpidemicThe Methamphetamine Crisis Hiding Behind the Opioid Epidemic

Garden therapy is an inpiring way to addiction recovery.Addiction Recovery And Horticultural Therapy

Anxiety and a feeling of nervousness are common among many addicts, but these feelings can easily be exacerbated around certain holidays.Saint Patrick's Day

Canada - The country has stringent rules, high profile awareness campaigns and major efforts have been to made to reign in drug formats that can be easily abused.The Genie’s out of the Bottle - Canada & Prescription Drug Abuse‎‎

Fentanyl Is A Big Reason Why An Addict May Want To Get to Drug and Alcohol Treatment soon. It’s one of the most powerful pain killers ever produced.Fentanyl: King of Opiates is the Addict Killer & Drug Crisis

Drug rehab workshop on building recovery confidence, with body language and power posingBlackout Drinking Book - New Book on Blackout Drinking

Drug rehab workshop on building recovery confidence, with body language and power posingStrike A Pose for Drug Addiction Recovery

Sobriety Home Launches Program to Help Save Endangered Butterfly Symbol of MetamorphosisSaving the Monarch Butterfly is Part of Saving Ourselves

Sleep problems connected to addiction.The sleep addiction connection. Sleep, insomnia and drugs.

Online Drug or Alcohol Addiction TestsTesting 1, 2, 3 - Can an online test tell you whether you have an addiction or not?

New research on the so-caled “Feel Good Gene” suggests it could be a factor in proneness to addiction.The Feel Good Gene. Why Are Some People Genetically More Prone to Addiction

A look into drug rehab centers position on marijuana use and legalization.An Evolving Opinion on Marijuana

Workaholics may be escaping from other issues that may be affecting their life.The Dangers of Becoming Addicted to Work

Neknomination the startling and dangerous new trend.#neknomination: A Dangerous New Trend

Holiday advice for those in recovery and their familiesAddiction and the Holidays

The holiday season can be quite stressful and preparation is essential to prevent relapses.Addiction Recovery and Excesses of the Holidays

Canadian soldiers have a higher rate of addiction compared to the general population.Remembering our Veterans: Is There More That We Can Do?

Sobriety Home Rehab - Alcohol Addiction ArticlesAlcohol Addiction Articles

The Dangers of the Youth Marketing of Energy ProductsThe Dangers of the Youth Marketing of Adult "Energy" Products

Anti-addiction vaccines help patients wean off drugs.More progress in the Search for an Addiction Vaccine

Increased number of prescriptions in border area suggests OxyContin’s illicit use. Addiction Experts Concerned About Generic OxyContin

Some individuals’ chemical make-up is more susceptible to alcohol induced memory loss. The Brain and the Legal Ramifications Involving Responsibility

More people die from prescription drug abuse than from heroin or cocaine abuse.Prescription Drug Addiction and Treatment

Taking time for you is very important and can help with addiction recovery.The Joys of Quiet in Recovery

Binge drinking is common across university campuses and is responsible for up to 2,000 deaths a year.Binge Drinking: What should be done and who is responsible?

Vaccines for addictions can help but does not “cure” addictions.Addiction Vaccines as a Possible Supplement to Recovery Programs

SMART uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that has been proven to treat addiction successfully. SMART Recovery: A Self-empowering Approach to the Treatment of Addiction

Meditation is beneficial for addiction recovery in conjunctive with treatments.Meditation Used As a Therapeutic Tool for Addiction Treatment

The power of suggestion is important when treating addiction.The Risks of Nocebo Effect in Addiction Treatment

Autumn can be a difficult for those in recovery from addiction.Addiction Recovery in Autumn Can Be Challenging

Healthy coping strategies for anxiety may prevent substance abuse. Anxiety and the Link to Alcohol Drug Addiction

Elephants are known for getting drunk in the wild by consuming fermented Marula fruit.How Common is Addiction in Animals?

Easing Addiction MemoriesEasing Addiction Memories
By Albert Nerenberg

Nitrous oxide is used for baking, anaesthesia in dentistry, and sport.Recreational Drug Use- Is Not a Laughing Matter!

Sobriety’s thought provoking recovery groups discuss addiction related issues that pertain to society.Drug or Alcohol Addiction a Disease or a Character Fault?

Alcoholism and drug addiction is often linked with untreated mental illness.Combatting PTSD Alleviates Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and drug addiction is often linked with untreated mental illness.Mental Illnesses May Have Link to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Addictive Personality Can Repel Alcohol and Drug AddictionBenefits of an Addictive Personality

Alcohol or drug addiction depends on one’s environment, genes and psychologyThe Chances of Getting a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Sleep is crucial to recovery from alcohol or drug addictionThe Comeback of Melatonin

Drug addiction is being treated as a chronic illness like diabetes. The Roots of Addiction

No Joke: You May Be Able to Laugh Yourself Off Drugs and Alcohol.No Joke: You May Be Able to Laugh Yourself Off Drugs and Alcohol.
By Albert Nerenberg

COQ10 can reverse the effects of alcohol addiction related ailments.Enzyme Can Reverse the Damage of Alcohol Addiction Related Liver Disease

Do 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Work?Do 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Work?
By Catherine Cosgrove

Laughter can help you recover from drug addiction and alcohol addiction.Could Addiction be a Laughing Matter?
By Alison Palkhivala

Break the cycle of addiction to drugs. Sobriety Home has the right drug addiction treatment for you.New Study Finds Prescription Drug Abuse Sharply on the Rise in Canada
By Andrea Archibald

Healing with healthy, fresh food. Our individual nutrition program focuses on your recovery.Nutrition to Treat Addiction

Our addiction treatment program combines individual psychotherapy and medical therapies to help you on your journey to sobriety.Cocaine Vaccine Research

Cover Image from the Science of Addiction DocumentThe Science of Drug Addiction