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Non-Traditional Approaches to Addiction Treatment

Drug & alcohol addiction programs with alternativesAs part of our holistic approach to addiction treatment, we offer a number of different therapeutic approaches from both the traditional and non-traditional schools of thought, as well as different options within each school.

Human Relations Therapy

Human Relations Therapy, often also referred to as Applied Psychology, is an experimental learning practice, wherein you learn interpersonal reflection, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, facilitation, and trauma. With Human Relations Therapy, you learn to develop the necessary skills in a safe environment through role playing, modules, real-life examples, and more. Skills and behaviours are not only learnt but also practically applied to your life.

Creative Arts Therapies

Drug rehab & alcohol addiction treatment alternative approachesCreative Arts Therapies explores different forms of creative arts—drama, theatre, art, music, and more—from a psychotherapeutic perspective. Exercises include psychodrama, puppetry, role-playing, and role training, among others. The goal of Creative Arts Therapies is to learn, share, and heal while having fun, and helps to modify dysfunctional behaviours, reach catharsis, develop social skills, and have insights into your inner self and addiction.

Traditional Native Healing

Traditional Native Healing ceremonies at Sobriety Home are based on the traditions of the North American aboriginal peoples of the Turtle Island. Healing ceremonies are lead by Native elders, and center on the two most important practices in the tradition.

Healing Circle
You are brought together with your fellow addicts in a circle of sharing and support, giving and receiving healing energy. The Healing Circle is considered one of the most powerful Native ceremony, and is often followed by a Sweat Lodge.

Sweat Lodge
The Sweat Lodge is an ancient sacred Native ceremony, where you are reconnected with Mother Earth and to the Self in a loving, safe environment.

Sobriety Home also hosts many other healing practices, such as yoga, laughter therapy, and more.