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Drug Addiction Treatment

Our Drug Addiction Treatment Program is personalized to provide you with individual treatments and therapies that meet all of your needs. We believe that success does not come from a fit-all program, but is born out of addressing your underlying issues and emotional difficulties.

Although our program requires traditional therapy in an individual setting, our Drug Addiction Treatment Program also incorporates a variety of non-traditional therapy options that enhance your understanding, growth, and healing. Sometimes just being near others who understand and support your recovery is all you need to begin the path to freedom from a drug addiction.

There are also many optional recreational activities and outings to compliment your drug addiction therapies and add a little fun to your days. These help you to learn about your sober self in the world, continue to grow, and feel happiness again.

Drug Addiction and Treatments

We specialize in treatment programs for specific drug addictions:

Care and Support for Drug Addiction

Your sobriety and recovery from drug addiction is a team effort, requiring many members of our staff to work collectively to help and support you. As an intimate residential treatment facility, we are able to attend to you personally, providing you with round-the-clock support and care, seven days a week. Our staff is compassionate, dedicated, and, most importantly, there for you. Don’t let drug addiction stand in your way of a happy, healthy life any longer; we can help.

Once you’re ready, we will design a realistic exit plan to ensure that you stay sober outside of our care. We consider your post-treatment life, and work to equip you with the resources and skills needed to sustain your sobriety. Let our team help you through all the stages of your addiction recovery to be free of drug addiction for the rest of your life!