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Benefits of an Addictive Personality

Jobs was an avid risk taker and workaholic which made him very successful. There is no question that addiction is a terrible and life threatening disease. What many fail to realize is such a disease of the brain and behaviour has its positives and negatives. Like the balance of ying and yang, pluses and minuses can be seen if you take a closer look at addiction.

During the process of recovery, we all wish to one day look back and say, “You know, it wasn’t all bad – after all, I won this battle and made it through.” While there are many perspectives on addiction, here is one that we rarely see expressed. Surprisingly, it has everything to do with addiction in a positive light. It completely embraces this positive side of addiction, which is simply rare and uncommon for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to consider.

Before his death, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, made a commencement speech addressing Stanford University.  Within his comments he included his experience of when he was fired by Apple at one point during his career. To understand the history, back in 1983 Apple hired a man named John Sculley to be CEO which included overseeing founder, Jobs. Despite efforts, the two men clashed and the outcome included the firing of Jobs. Ten years later, he was brought back on with the complex job task of saving the company, and he did just that! As everyone is familiar with the iPhone, the iPad, and iPod, this winning streak created by Jobs has made Apple the largest tech firm found within the world.

During his speech to the students, he pointed out that during that time he had to demonstrate his need for perseverance. He went on to say that, “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” He said, “Be curious, experiment, take risks.” Found on the back of the whole Earth catalogue he quotes, “Stay Hungry-Stay Foolish” and said how he had, “Always wished that for himself, and now as you graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you.”

You are now probably asking yourself what Steve Jobs has to do with addiction and the following article which is a completely legitimate question. Jobs took this sense of a new beginning, adventure and experimentation and was able to successfully apply it to his career. Not just anyone can take a leap and make it across, but it is that same risk and adventure in which addicts demonstrate.

The article below discusses on a psychological level, the profile that compelling leaders posses, one of those being Steven Jobs. What many of them have in common is the fact that they are all risk takers. There is no question that this same characteristic is found within addicts. While addicts are often seen and labelled as weak or being “losers,” this is quite a contradiction because those same characteristics seen in someone with an alcohol or drug addiction, when applied effectively, can bring substantial success. Those who take risks, seek novelty, and even have obsessive personality traits, all of which addicts have, can apply them to being very successful within the workplace. In short, that same brain wiring found in addicts, those same exact behavioural traits, is found in workplace success and creates the best leaders.

If addicts simply took those traits and tendencies and geared them towards a more controlled endeavour, instead of the outcome being a destructive end, they may find much success!

You don't have a hopeless case considering a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center. Making this investment you need to remain positive so that you can win this battle. If you can take the same energy you used for drug or alcohol seeking and put it towards your sobriety, you can recover from alcohol or drug addiction.  Most of all, you are intrinsically worthy of the investment, time energy and effort.

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