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Alcohol Rehab, the 5 Tell-Tale Signs that Someone You Know Needs Help

When you are familiar with someone who has an alcohol problem, it may be very difficult to identify the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction. How do you know if alcohol is a serious problem?  How can you identify if your close friend or family member needs to go to rehab?

Being close to someone means you are able to recognize changes in their behaviour.  If you believe a close friend or family member needs alcohol rehab, contact Heritage Home toll free at 1-877-777-4386. We can help you take the next step and help your loved one get medical treatment they need.

How to Spot an Alcohol Addiction

Deteriorating Health-When someone you know suffers from health complications due to heavy drinking and refuses to stop is a significant sign of alcohol addiction.  The sooner your friend or family member stops drinking and starts an alcohol detox and alcohol rehab program, the sooner he or she will start recovering from alcohol addiction.

Losing Friends and Family-When someone you know is losing friends or family because of alcohol. If you see your friend’s spouse leaving or if you are contemplating on leaving the relationship with your significant other or can no longer handle your family member’s drinking, then you know he or she needs treatment at an alcohol rehab. Relationships are usually one of the first things that deteriorate when alcoholism is an issue.

Failure to Meet Obligations-When someone you know is missing work or skipping school or has either been fired or suspended due to alcohol abuse. 

Even though there are functional alcoholics (i.e., those who can drink heavily and are able to function and can go to work or school) it is still more common to find those that struggle keeping up with assignments and fail to keep deadlines. Many alcoholics do get expelled or fired. If this has happened, they need alcohol rehab.

Concurrent Disorders-When your friend or family member suffers from a mental illness or physical ailment that is worsened by alcohol. In fact, addiction experts have found that many people who abuse alcohol or drugs suffer from psychological disorders and use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. Unfortunately, alcohol only intensifies the problem or even creates additional ones.  If your friend or family member is abusing alcohol to self-medicate and suffers from significant health issues, he or she needs alcohol rehab.

Failed Attempts to Stop Drinking-When someone you know has tried and failed on their own to stop drinking. If he or she simply can’t stop drinking for any length of time and suffers from withdrawal symptoms when they do, they need alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Rehab at Heritage Home Foundation

At Heritage Home, we offer alcohol rehab that includes alcohol detox and alcohol addiction treatment.  Our program is affordable, comprehensive, and effective. Contact us today at 1-877-777-4386.