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Why Accreditation Matters For a Treatment Facility

A seal of accreditation is stamped by someone who attended alcohol addiction treatment Alcoholism is an invasive health problem that affects many aspects of it’s victims lives, and it is for this reason that treatment options vary. The circumstances can be slight, or very pronounced, when it comes to someone’s relationship with alcohol, but what shouldn’t change is that someone seek out an accredited residential treatment facility that offers rehab for alcohol abuse and addiction.

Accredited Treatment Facilities Offer:

  • Relief of physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, ie: Nausea, vomiting, tremors and agitation
  • Carefully supervised detox options for clients that need to safely but effectively end their physical dependency on alcohol
  • Support throughout the detox procedure, therapy and aftercare
  • Expert staff trained in addiction therapy
  • References, proof of accreditation and high standards of care

Private vs Public Treatment

While both may be accredited, and will offer many of the same care options, wait times and quality are often sacrificed when a client opts to attend rehab at a public institution. Costs are lower when an individual decides to go the public route, however, the level of personalized care does not compare to a private facility that is fully accredited. A private facility has at it’s disposal many tools and options to increase the comfort of an individual’s stay, as well as tailoring a treatment plan to their specific needs. Alcohol addiction is different for everyone, so it makes sense that a “one-size-fits-all” approach would not be the best option for many clients.

The Foundation: Accredited, Private and Welcoming

The Foundation’s approach is to offer private rooms for each client, their own bathroom, freshly cooked organic meals with ingredients from local farms, gorgeous views and a safe place that helps remove distractions and temptation. The care is very specialized, with the most important aspects of a client’s life taken into consideration including their level of spirituality, their dietary needs, whether or not they benefit from holistic care, their interests and of course their specific relationship with alcohol. Treatment for alcohol abuse or addiction is a trying time, and by offering customized treatment options and a relaxing environment can increase a client’s chance of succeeding that much more.

Ministry of Health - Government Accredited

The Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation. We are a government approved, fully licensed, drug and alcohol treatment center, accredited by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.