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Aftercare: Just as Important as Rehab

Why is Aftercare so Important?

Changing your life, a new chance at life after alcohol abuse Think of alcoholism as a devolution, and rehab as an evolution. If you or someone you know struggles to manage their relationship with alcohol, and it devolves into a full-blown addiction, you could call this a devolution. Rehab is the opposite. An alcoholic learns to sever their addiction to alcohol by detoxing, learning why they became an alcoholic and learning coping strategies to overcome their affliction. Aftercare is the last stage in one’s evolution from alcoholic to a healthy and sober individual.

Ok, So How Does Aftercare Work?

After completing a rehabilitation program suited to treating alcohol abuse and addiction, aftercare is where our clients find themselves, and it consists of a few different but equally important things:

Weekly alumni support group sessions allow clients who have graduated from rehab to meet, converse and continue discovering themselves and the reasons behind what drove them to alcohol in the first place. These sessions also are a great place to share stories, tips and tricks on sober living and helps to foster empathy and connection with those in similar circumstances. A client also stays in contact with a psycho-therapist they worked with during their rehab and treatment.

Sober living facilities offer a different approach for those not yet ready to go back to the daily grind, so to speak. These homes may be offered at the same place where a client went through rehabilitation, or may be nearby. For some, a sober living home can be just what they need, as they provide structure and safety while helping people learn how to adapt to real life again, but at their own pace. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted, and group support sessions are offered. There are a few expectations that come along with staying at a sober living home, such as performing chores and being respectful to the other guests. Think of sober living arrangements as a stepping stone back into the world, as they prepare recovering alcoholics for their new lives free of addiction and the burden of the bottle.

During Rehab, Work With The Addiction Team to Find What Aftercare Will Work Best For You

There are many options for aftercare, but they all work towards the same goal: Preparing a client for a life of health and sobriety in the real world. It is important to find the best approach for an individual’s needs, as some people may want to stay close by to where they did their treatment program, while others have obligations that send them right back into their lives without missing a beat. For the latter, aftercare can be conducted over the phone, via email or online if that’s what will work best.

At the end of the day, building a strong support network and easing someone back into their lives are what aftercare needs to do for someone recovering from alcohol addiction. At Sobriety Home we work with our clients every step of the way to find the best approach for each one of our clients.