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Alcohol Rehab and Relapse

There are a few people that live productively clean and sober lives immediately after alcohol rehab treatment. Those that do so are praised for their hard work and effort as well as dedication and perseverance to fight their long battle with alcohol addiction. However, we must not forget about the ones that quickly relapse back into their old drinking patterns even after completing an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Below you will find information that is pertinent and explains the reasons why alcoholics relapse even after alcohol rehab - and what steps must be taken so that they can get their lives and their recovery back on track.

Alcohol Rehabilitation and Relapse...........Why?

There can be so many reasons as to why someone "slips" even after they have completed an alcohol addiction treatment program. The most common are as follows:

Stress. This is one of the most common reasons. Leaving a safe and secure environment like alcohol rehab and going back to home and routine daily life can be a stressful experience for some. Many individuals are not physically or psychologically prepared to face the responsibilities of home, school or work especially as a sober person. Also when someone goes back home to environment that is not supportive or conducive to recovery can make someone easily fall off the bandwagon. Even while in alcohol rehab addiction treatment, clients are taught how to overcome nerve-racking situations and control stress, for some of them they turn back into their "old" habits by going back on the bottle because this is what they are simply used to.

Temptation. Just as discussed under stress, an individual's home environment may often be the cause of their alcoholism. Whether being in a home where someone drinks or is not supportive or just hanging out with drinking buddies can quickly put the person in recovery in a difficult situation which can lead to alcohol relapse.

Initial slip ups. For some they feel hopeless especially after their first slip up back into old habits that lead to alcohol abuse. This can spiral out of control and become a full relapse.

How to Manage Alcoholism Relapse

Here you will find helpful suggestions for individuals who "fall off the wagon" and their loved ones.

Understand that even after making a single mistake does not mean that a number of other mistakes must follow.

Don't become hopeless because you have made a mistake. This doesn't mean that your world is going to come crashing down

Leave the environment that has helped play a role in the relapse.

Get help. Most importantly, if you have relapsed into alcohol abuse, it is essential to reach out and get help immediately. This help can be in the form of a loved one, a sponsor or a counsellor that you worked closely with from your alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol Detox and Relapse

Alcohol detox is one of the most common times that an individual relapses. Relapse during alcohol detox is as a result of some of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms experienced during the process. Alcohol withdrawal is not always life-threatening, but the intensity of the symptoms can cause enough stress and discomfort to where the individual quickly goes back to alcohol.

The most common alcohol detox withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, restlessness, mood swings, strong cravings for alcohol and in the most severe cases; hallucinations and seizures or DTs (delirium tremens).

For these reasons alone, it is crucial that alcohol detox is done in the presence of treatment professionals. Detox professionals help provide the proper medical and psychological support during this challenging difficult time, but one of the most important steps of the recovery process.

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