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Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Alcoholism treatment center can be difficult to choose because of the different varieties available. The assortment of alcohol rehabs available can range from medical to therapeutic, traditional to alternative, costly to government funded, luxurious to modest and 12 steps to non 12 steps. Foundation offers an inpatient alcoholism treatment center for both men and women that uses Cognitive Based Therapies and offers an extensive aftercare program. Contact us today for more information.

Alcoholism Treatment Centers-What is Available?

The first choice is to decide whether to go inpatient or outpatient depends on the needs of the individual. An inpatient treatment program requires a residential stay in a facility that can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days or even longer depending on your personal circumstances. If you feel that you are not able to fight alcohol addiction and temptation from your home environment, an inpatient residential center away from home and temptations may be the best alternative. On another note, if you have family and/or work commitments, an outpatient alcohol rehab may be more appropriate.

Keep note, that an inpatient alcoholism treatment center is the best option if you have unsuccessfully stopped drinking on your own, even if you have never undergone residential treatment.

Alcoholism Treatment Center-What is best for you?

Every person and addiction to alcohol is different- therefore there is no cookie cutter approach to treatment because alcohol addiction starts and progresses under different circumstances. Your responsibilities at home or your career may play a large part in the alcoholism treatment center you choose. Many people simply cannot just drop everything to go to alcohol rehab. If you are having difficulty deciding what is best for you, speak with someone to get some insight or an opinion. Talk to someone you trust like a family doctor or close friend but remember to be honest. In the end, only you know what is best for you. Don't simply choose the easy way, choose the way that will help you most efficiently and quickly so that you can recover from alcoholism and you can return home and reclaim your life, goals and dreams.

Alcoholism Treatment Center: What to Expect When You Complete Treatment and Return Home

You must understand that recovery from alcoholism is not a fast and easy process. In fact it can be long so be prepared and ready. Addiction has affected every part of your life and well being, so should your experiences at an alcoholism treatment center. After alcohol rehab, you need to find the support groups, personal psychotherapy, or a new exercise and diet regiment that will promote a new and healthy lifestyle that is based on abstinence.

Alcoholism Treatment at Sobriety Home Foundation

At Foundation, we offer a comprehensive alcohol detox and alcoholism treatment at our facility a short drive from Ottawa. We also can assist you to find sober living environments when you successfully completed your alcohol rehab treatment program. Contact us for more information about our alcoholism treatment center and how we can help you at 1-888-999-8101.