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Facts about Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction affects millions of people each year, yet few seldom seek the help required to get sober and ameliorate their long term health and well-being. If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, you need information. You will be better prepared to get help if you educate yourself about alcohol addiction.

More Facts about Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism can be treated, although there is no cure.

Even though there is no specific cure for addiction to alcohol, if someone engages themselves in an alcohol rehab program, it can provide them with the tools to get clean and stay clean for the rest of their lives. Because a recovering alcoholic cannot drink socially, alcohol rehab helps them to reform their lives without alcohol.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is the first step toward rehabilitation. Detox is the process of eliminating the toxins from alcohol completely from one's system. When detox is over, the physical addiction to alcohol will be finished and the person can begin an alcohol rehabilitation program.

What to Expect from Alcohol Detox

Detox will produce a series of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are seldom life threatening but will cause the person to feel sick for a few days. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal involve: headaches, vomiting, tremors, restlessness, perspiration, insomnia and loss of appetite. The more serious symptoms of alcohol detox can include Delirium Tremors and seizures.

What is the Length of Alcohol Detox?

Although each person is different, as well of the extent of their alcohol addiction, usually the detox process lasts between 3 days to 2 weeks to complete.

Alcohol Treatment and Counselling

One of the most important aspects of treatment for alcohol addiction is counselling. When someone takes part in a treatment program, they will be involved through individual counselling as well as group counselling. Individual counselling is private sessions with a treatment professional, and provides the chance to talk about the root causes of their alcoholism and discuss the behaviour changes needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. Group counselling sessions provide the patient with the opportunity to share openly about their alcoholism with a sympathetic group of their peers who are going through similar issues.

How long is Alcohol Rehab?

Some treatment programs may promise a quick fix, but the ones that truly work last 30 days or more. This is considered to be the minimum time needed to let the rehab program to take hold. Some people decide to commit to longer treatment, sometimes for a year or more. The duration of your alcohol treatment program really depends on the severity of your addiction and your commitment to change Foundationoffers personalized and innovative treatment for people who suffer with an addiction to alcohol. The expert and caring staff at Foundation know how to help people with alcohol addiction through this difficult time in their lives. The programs at Foundation provide the tools and counselling needed to regain control and re-enter the world sober. For more information on our alcohol rehab programs call us today at 1-888-999-8101.