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The Right Treatment For Me

A trained, medical addiction specialist gives the “ok” sign to an alcoholic who has found the best treatment option for themselves I Think I Need Treatment

Acknowledgement is a powerful first step, now it’s time to find an alcohol addiction treatment centre that offers detox, rehab, counselling and perhaps a few other things that will assist in your recovery. Not all treatment centres are created equal, nor are they all going to work for absolutely everyone in need of support and guidance during one of the most trying times of their lives. There are many, many factors that play into finding the right rehab program to tackle one’s alcohol abuse or alcoholism, and it’s important to find the best match for an individual who is suffering the debilitating psychological and physical consequences of out of control drinking.

Lifestyle, Needs & Other Health Conditions

Among the most important factors when choosing the best rehab option are lifestyle, specific needs and factoring in other health conditions that may have lead to or been exacerbated by, an addiction to alcohol. Choosing an inpatient treatment centre may be the best option if the individual feels they need a more private and safe environment to recover, while an outpatient facility could be beneficial if an individual is the head of a household or is a single parent, and cannot afford to spend both their days and nights away from their families and obligations.

Someone’s religious beliefs, dietary requirements and approach to life are important to consider when they are looking into rehab. Asking the following can help narrow down the search:

  • Am I spiritual or religious? Do I believe my drinking is connected to something to do with spirituality? Do I believe my spirituality will assist in my recovery?
  • Do I use holistic medicine or practice holistic treatments for certain ailments I suffer from?
  • Am I active? Do I exercise frequently and take care of myself through healthy eating?
  • Am I vegan, vegetarian or have specific dietary requirements?
  • Do I suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or another mental health condition that may have caused me to self-medicate with alcohol?
  • Did my mental health condition make my drinking worse? Will it continue to do so?


No one should ever have to put a price on their physical or mental health. Associating a dollar amount to being healthy is indeed cruel, but given it requires medical professionals and highly trained experts to help in an individual’s recovery, unfortunately treatment for alcohol addiction can be expensive. On top of that, many treatment centres are designed for what has become to be known as “the 1%” and are not in any way in the realm of possibility for the working person to consider. Provincial and outpatient treatment centres will often work with an individual based on their budget, however and private inpatient facilities can do so as well. Private medical insurance may also be useful for many individuals who have it, as it can pay either the full cost of rehab or a portion of it. It is important to work within one’s means when choosing which rehab to attend, as it is a stressful endeavor for an alcoholic to begin with and the main focus should be attaining good health through recovery.