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Holistic Alcohol Rehab: An Introduction

Holistic alcohol rehab is one of the best for drug and alcohol addiction and considered to be one of the most effective styles of treatment available. With a combination of traditional and non-traditional (alternative ) therapies, 24/7 treatment, relapse prevention, post treatment and aftercare services, it is definitely one of the highest standard in alcohol addiction treatment available today.

Sobriety Home Foundation offers a holistic alcohol rehab addiction treatment program that treats the mind, body and spirit. We are located a short drive from Ottawa and just 15 minutes from the New York state border. We have all the amenities, cutting edge treatment and highly qualified trained team of counsellors, medical staff and support team with years of experience in addiction treatment, there is no other long-term addiction treatment center that provides the comprehensive treatment we offer here at Sobriety Home.

When to Choose Holistic Alcohol Rehab

It is best to choose a holistic alcohol rehab when alcohol abuse turns to a straight out alcohol addiction. When your physical, mental and spiritual being is destroyed there is no better place to treat all three than a holistic alcohol rehab. The best place to treat the mind, body and spirit is a holistic alcohol rehab.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab-Inpatient Residential Treatment

Holistic alcohol rehab is usually a residential addiction treatment center that provides a safe, serene place for you to get the necessary life transforming treatment from alcoholism. From alcohol, healthy organic meals produced from local farmers, yoga, meditation, spirituality, individualized and group therapy, relapse prevention, post treatment planning and additional aftercare all included in your treatment repertoire. The comprehensive treatment means that all the needs are being met.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab and Relapse Prevention

The focus of holistic alcohol rehab is more getting you physically stable through alcohol detox; the idea of holistic is to assist you with relapse prevention techniques to assist with the mental and spiritual aspect that has been lost to alcoholism. Relapse prevention are tools that help clients focus on their weaknesses or triggers to help them in situations that make them vulnerable both during alcohol rehab addiction treatment and when they finish their program and go home. These skills are essential and maintain long term recovery and give you techniques to use to fend off temptations to drink. Relapse prevention is incorporated into everything from yoga, meditation, diet, exercise, individual and group therapy sessions.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab at Sobriety Home Foundation

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