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Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation FAQ

Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation is the most effective, comprehensive method to combat alcohol addiction. On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about residential inpatient alcohol rehabilitation. If you would like to learn more about our inpatient alcohol detox and/or our alcohol addiction treatment program, contact Foundation, Canada's premier alcohol rehab located a short drive from Ottawa at 1-888-999-8101.

What Happens at an Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation starts with a detailed intake procedure. This is your chance to open up with the addiction counsellors and medical team the details of your alcohol abuse, any concurrent disorders you will need to pay attention to, and your goals and aspirations for treatment.

If you experience withdrawal symptoms when you discontinue drinking, you would need to undergo alcohol detox. This is usually the first phase of treatment for some which focuses primarily on the physical addiction to alcohol

After you complete the detox portion, you will begin to work on the psychological component which includes different therapies: one on one personal therapy with an addictions counsellor or psychotherapist, group therapy sessions, outdoor and adventure therapies, art therapies, and alternative treatments like yoga and meditation which are all designed to help you recover from alcoholism.

What is the difference between Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation from Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient is more intensive where you focus on your alcohol addiction 24 hours a day. You are away from your home environment where you work with the issues that may have created your dependency on alcohol.

An outpatient alcohol rehab program usually offers therapy, educational classes and group sessions during the day and allows you to go. Unfortunately, this may be more difficult for some because there is an opportunity everyday to relapse because you are confronted with "triggers.”

How do I know if Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation is right for me?

This is really a personal question that you can answer. If you are convinced that you will not relapse during treatment, or don't experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, you have home and job obligations to fulfil, and then an outpatient alcohol rehab may be right for you.

If you however experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, you would need an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation center where medical assistance and care are present to prevent complications. Furthermore, when you are concerned about relapse an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation program is best for you because this is the safest option. Even if you have a family or a job, don't let this stop you from entering an inpatient alcohol rehab! Both will do much better if you get the necessary help you need since your family and work will endure significantly if you don't.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation at Foundation Foundation offers an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation program. If you would like to learn more details about our alcohol addiction program, call us now: 1-888-999-8101.