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Most Popular Alcohol Rehab Questions

When you are choosing an alcohol rehab that is best for your needs, emotionally, you are clearly not at your best. This can be one of the most intimidating difficult situations because you may have special needs that also have to be addressed as well. In order to assist you through this difficult process, Sobriety Home Foundation answered the most popular questions we hear often when people contact us about alcohol rehab.

How Do I Know If I Need to Go to an Alcohol Rehab? How About a Loved One?

Being truthful and objective when you look into the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction can help determine the necessity of alcohol rehab. Have you had a recent physical and your physician confronted you about health problems that were attributed to excessive alcohol? Did your boss speak to you about missed work and the possibility of losing your job? Or were you fired because your boss was aware of your alcohol abuse? Has your spouse let you know that your behaviour while intoxicated is unacceptable? Do you continue to consume alcohol regardless of people confronting you on your behaviours?

If you answered yes to the questions, than you need alcohol rehab.

Do I Need to Attend Inpatient Alcohol Rehab or is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Enough?

We receive phone calls and listen to people are far more interested in programs that have less time and commitment. Many prefer to choose an outpatient alcohol rehab facility because of fewer obligations at lower costs. Their expectation is to "get away" by incorporating an alcohol addiction treatment program into their hectic work or life schedule is not as easy as they think. It costs less time, stress and costs in the long run when you can immerse yourself into a full-time inpatient alcohol rehab program where you can focus solely on your alcoholism with no outside temptations and distractions.

Unfortunately, for most it does not end up that way. The ones who choose an outpatient alcohol rehab first often end up going to an inpatient alcohol rehab afterwards because they learn how much harder it really is to say 'no' to the temptation to alcohol especially when they pass by their favourite pub or local liquor store every day after their outpatient program. Many find it distracting and have the inability to remain focused on treatment when they are closer to home and stressful distractions at home, relationships and at work.

Inpatient alcohol rehab removes temptation because you are away from you home environment and allows you to focus your health and recovery until you feel strong enough to return home. In fact, it is not uncommon for those who complete an inpatient alcohol rehab go back home and attend an outpatient alcohol addiction treatment program for transitional support from residential rehab life to the outside world.

Are Families Included in Alcohol Rehab?

At alcohol rehab, counsellors help you work closely with your family when you are ready. This may include family sessions where you and your loved one can address concerns and also educate them about the nature of alcoholism and what you are experiencing physically and emotionally so they are able to be compassionate and understanding as well as helpful through the therapeutic process.

How Does the Alcohol Rehab Insurance Work?

Depending on the kind of alcohol rehab insurance you carry, the process of finding the funds to pay for alcohol addiction treatment is tricky. The process can be made easier when you include your insurance coverage information along with your financial resources and application.

How Do I Get Into Alcohol Rehab at Foundation?

Getting into Foundation is just a phone call away. Call us today to ask any questions you may have about our alcohol or drug rehab facility and how we can assist help you or your loved one, or just to ask about specific services. We can even set up an appointment for you to visit our facility a short drive from Ottawa.

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