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Consider Private Treatment

A piggy bank symbolizes that private treatment for alcohol addiction does not have to be out of reach for anyoneAren’t Private Treatment Centres for The Rich and Famous?

This is a common misconception, albeit a very understandable one. Years ago rehab was glorified in all the wrong ways through popular media, and it was considered “cool” or glamorous to attend rehab for drugs or alcohol. The truth is, while there should be absolutely no shame or humiliation in seeking treatment for an addiction to alcohol, perverting the process is unhelpful and just leads to many people to have a warped view of what rehab is and who needs it.

Private treatment centres are often more expensive than public or provincial options, but that doesn’t mean they have to be out of reach for the working woman or man in need of a fantastic recovery option. In fact, many Canadians opt for a private option when considering rehab because it offers them amenities, shorter wait times, alternative therapies, privacy and many other benefits without breaking the bank.

Alright, A Private Treatment Option Sounds Good, But What Makes it Different?

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction rates are on the rise in Canada, and this means that there are often very long wait times for treatment. If someone considers their options, they may look at a provincial rehab centre and see that the wait list can be as long as six months. Looking into it further, they may also find a treatment centre nearer to them that is private, and that the wait list may be only a week or two or there isn’t one at all. The delay in seeking treatment due to wait times for public treatment options is a real problem faced by many, and a terrific reason on it’s own to consider a private option.

The sensitive nature of someone’s unhealthy relationship to alcohol can make private options a very attractive option. Trained medical staff at a private rehab centre will never release any information concerning a client, and given that the size of a private residential rehab facility is much smaller than a public option, there is often less stress involved for the client. Less stress about who might find out about a drinking problem has a very positive impact on recovery, as it allows the client to focus on their well-being and sobriety instead of worrying needlessly.

On top of privacy and drastically reduced wait times, a private treatment centre can offer many other benefits to it’s clients including but not limited to:

  • Healthy, delicious and nutritious meals prepared by excellent cooks and chefs
  • High end exercise equipment and trainers, as exercise has been proven to assist in the recovery process
  • Private rooms
  • A relaxing environment with lounges and recreational areas
  • Alternative treatment options that include yoga, holistic approaches, spirituality focused counselling, meditation sessions, kayaking, hiking and more outdoors time in gorgeous settings

These benefits may seem gratuitous or even over the top, but the truth is making someone’s stay more comfortable is scientifically proven to have an enormous impact on their success in ending their addiction to alcohol. Attending rehab is not a punishment, nor should it feel like one is staying in a jail or monastery. Providing a private, safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for clients to succeed in recovery is highly beneficial to clients, and through financing options or insurance, is very attainable for many Canadians, not just the affluent members of our community.