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When Your Partner/Spouse has an Alcohol Addiction

There are some things that can put a strain on a committed relationship or marriage more than when one partner has an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Alcoholism can break trust and possibly tear up the entire family.

Signs Your Spouse has an Alcohol Addiction

If you believe your spouse has a drinking problem, it is crucial to pinpoint the classic signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction. They include:

  • Drinking throughout the day - in the morning or during work and other socially unacceptable times.
  • Strongly denies the drinking problem, even with evidence to the contrary.
  • Performance suffering at school or work as a consequence of alcohol drinking
  • Sudden mood swings and becoming more irritability when not drinking

Problems of Co-dependent Relationships and Alcoholism

One of the biggest disputes that face many couples where one partner has a drinking problem is the issue of co-dependency. Often at times an individual will not help their spouse or maybe even start to develop a drinking problem because they fear that their relationship will get worse if they confront their significant other. This problem has caused people to sink further into alcohol addiction and depression and many relationships worsen as an outcome.

What is essential in a co-dependent relationship is for one person to get help.

Getting Help for Your Partner/Spouse

If any of the situations stated above applies to your relationship and situation, this is the time to get alcohol addiction treatment for your spouse. For some couples this may be easier said than done. Maybe you may need to hold an intervention, especially if you have confronted them and threatened to leave if they did not seek treatment.

An alcohol rehab intervention is an organized meeting where family members and close friends gather together to express their concerns and tell the addicted individual how their behaviour is affecting everyone. If you decide to proceed it is best to contact a professional interventionist to assist in the process and attend the meeting to make sure it is productive and safe.

Once the successful intervention has completed, the individual must go to alcohol rehab immediately. Once they enter a residential alcohol rehab, your loved one will receive the necessary help they need from addiction professionals. Through alcohol detox, individual, group and family counselling, your spouse will learn how to regain control of their life, and into the person you fell in love with before the alcohol addiction.

Sobriety Home Foundation is a non profit alcohol treatment center and drug rehab that focuses on individualized addiction treatment in an intimate and safe environment with only 12 clients. We are located a short drive from Ottawa. Our affordable and private inpatient alcohol rehab center treats individuals with compassion. Our caring team of addiction treatment professionals work closely with every client to make sure their needs are met. Get more information by contacting Sobriety Home today toll free at 1-877-777-4386.