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It’s been said that British Columbia is perhaps Canada’s most beautiful province. With four seasons, and a landscape that is vastly different if you travel the four corners of the province, it goes without saying that there is something in British Columbia for everyone. Mountains, oceans and better weather than most of the rest of Canada are only some of what B.C. has to offer. Despite the beauty and healthy living lifestyle British Columbia is known for, alcoholism remains a very real concern for many who reside in the province. It can affect anyone, regardless of race, gender or background, and complicates the lives of thousands of good people. Sobriety Home has always welcomed residents of B.C. to undergo treatment for alcoholism a short drive from Ottawa. We may be on opposite sides of the country, but we share the common goal of ending the cycle of addiction many have found themselves locked into.

Downtown Vancouver and it’s beautiful coastline are no stranger to alcoholism, addiction and the need for recovery

The expertly trained addiction specialists here at Sobriety Home are always happy to help those coming from B.C. While the circumstances are not ideal for most coming to seek treatment with us, it remains a pleasure whenever someone from British Columbia comes to us. Sobriety Home is devoted to both a science based approach to treating alcoholism and addiction, while making sure to consider alternative therapies and recovery options to bolster an individualized program we devise on a per client basis. Residents of B.C. should know that we often employ holistic practices in our way of doing things, and that we are dedicated to providing fresh, home cooked meals with organic ingredients to our clients. Better health only helps in the recovery process, and we take that belief very seriously. Yoga, meditation and plenty of exercise are also part of our approach, with a therapeutic massage every now and then to relieve stress are just a few of the comforts we provide to all of our clients.

Gorgeous Garibaldi Lake in British Columbia is a symbol of beauty and strength anyone suffering through alcohol addiction can appreciate

A highly individualized addiction treatment plan is what yields the best results, and the team at Sobriety Home knows it. Treating every alcoholic the same would be a big mistake, as taking into account what lead them to problemed drinking and the various things that make them who they are are fundamental in their treatment. If you or someone you know is struggling with their drinking, and would like to find out more about how to break the cycle of addiction, Sobriety Home is here to guide anyone from B.C. through the recovery process. Treatment is hard work, but with the help of Sobriety Home, we can make it a little bit easier and get someone back on a path to a long and healthy life.

A woman paddles a canoe on a beautiful British Columbia Lake, and thinks that life is good now that she has completed recovery for alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centres In British Columbia

Abbotsford Addictions Centre

202- 31943 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V2S 3S9
Phone: (604) 850-5106

The Abbotsford Addiction Centre provides therapists with Masters Degrees at a free Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Program, with a Multicultural and Seniors Addictions component. We serve both youth and adults using and those affected by substance misuse.

Aboriginal Wellness Program

288 – 2750 E. Hastings St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5K 1Z9
Phone: (604) 675-2551

VCH began committing financial and human resources to the area of Aboriginal health in 1999, in order to work towards meaningful change in Aboriginal communities in our region. Our goal is to work closely with both urban and rural Aboriginal communities to help close the gap between the health status of Aboriginal community members and non-Aboriginal community members in our region. We deliver culturally safe mental wellness and addiction programs for First Nations and Aboriginal people residing within the Lower Mainland.

Adult Addiction Community Treatment

VIHA Mental Health And Addictions
1250 Quadra Street. 2nd Floor
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 2K7
Phone: (250) 519-3544
Fax: (250) 519-3545

Services are provided by professional counsellors. Seasonal physicians are available in some locations. Day and evening support groups for men and women are available as well as daytime co-ed intensive educational groups, individual counselling and gender specific intensive day treatment. Referral to other specialized programs, such as residential, supportive recovery and Victoria Withdrawal Management Services can be arranged as needed.

Broadway Youth Resource Centre

2455 Fraser St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5T 0E6
Phone: (604) 709-5720
Fax: (604) 709-5721

The BYRC is a one-stop youth centre that provides a wide range of social, health, education, employment, and life skills services to youth. It is a multi- service and multi-agency hub with a range of services for youth all under one roof.

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Alcoholics Anonymous In The Province of British Columbia

Alcoholics Anonymous is a global organization dedicated to helping those who struggle with alcoholism overcome their addiction through the support of others with similar experiences. The organization, for decades, has used a 12-step system to change lives and foster a sense of belonging for alcoholics who, because of their addiction, have lost a sense of connection to those around them and their community.

Remember to check ahead of time for the time and location of the meeting you’re looking to attend. Some meetings are closed, meaning they are for alcoholics only, while other meetings are open and anyone can attend.

Early Bird Group

Open Meeting
Monday 8:00am

176 2nd St E
North Vancouver, British Columbia
V7L 1C3

Rise And Shine Group

Closed Meeting With Wheelchair Access
Sunday 7:00am

Kalano Club
2108 Vasile Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 6H5

The Survivors Group

Closed Meeting
Tuesday 6:20pm

Matsqui Institution
33344 King Road
Abbotsford, British Columbia
V2S 5A6

Pemberton Honor Group

Open Meeting
Friday 8:00pm

St. David’s United Church Hall Basement
7420 Dogwood Street
Whistler, British Columbia
V0N 2L1