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Sobriety Home for Alcohol Addiction in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is quickly becoming one of Canada’s hotspots for jobs and opportunity. The beauty of the province is untold, and with so many newcomers Saskatchewan is truly a fascinating part of our great country. Those who call Saskatchewan home know all too well that alcohol addiction and alcoholism are big problems anywhere, and their province is not spared the horrible reality that alcohol can destroy a life. Sobriety Home Foundation, located a short drive from Ottawa, would like to extend a hand of friendship to all those in Saskatchewan looking to change their lives for the better and work towards a life free of alcohol and struggle. Our location is removed from the daily grind of most people’s lives, allowing our clients from all across Canada to recover in peace and get back on track.

A gorgeous Saskatchewan landscape is photographed by someone who is filled with hope that they can recover from alcoholism with the help of Sobriety Home

Those from the prairie province have a certain strength of character, a quality that cannot be overstated in it’s importance to recovery, but getting healthy is often a team effort and Sobriety Home is here to help. Our alternative approaches to alcohol addiction treatment, combined with the tried and true methods perfected over many years, offer those from Saskatchewan a terrific option to overcome their alcoholism. We draw up our treatment plans based on the individual, not a mold used for everybody. Alcoholism presents differently for everyone, why treat everyone the same? It doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t work. Our clients come from all walks of life, and we treat them with the dignity, compassion and individual focus they deserve.

The provincial flag of Saskatchewan flies in the wind, symbolizing the great inner strength and stoic nature of residents of Saskatchewan and their ability to overcome alcoholism

Spirituality, diet, exercise, holistic options and alternative therapies. Five things often overlooked or ignored by many treatment centres. The team at Sobriety Home Foundation sees things differently. What matters to our client matters to us, and we will work hard to incorporate the important aspects of our client’s lives into our custom designed treatment program. All of this is conducted in a safe and comfortable environment where our expert staff prepare our clients for the rest of their lives without alcohol’s deadly grip holding them back.

Downtown Regina is no stranger to alcohol addiction, but residents know that recovery is attainable if they put their minds to it

Treatment Addiction Services For Those in The Province of Saskatchewan

Addiction Services Saskatchewan

1494 Peterson Avenue
Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
S0M 0J0
Phone: (306) 235-2220
Fax: (306) 235-2229

Offering a community based approach for those addicted to alcohol and drugs, with a heavy focus on recovery and the inclusion of family members in the approach. Serves both adults and youth and open to any gender.

Arcola Mental Health

Arcola Health Centre
Arcola, Saskatchewan
S0C 0G0
Phone: (306) 455-2159
Toll-Free: (800) 216-7689

Addiction treatment services for both youth and adults, as well as counselling for family members and those affected. Part of the Sun Country RHA, anyone seeking treatment should contact the Weyburn office at: (306) 842-8665.

Beauval Health Clinic

288 – 4801 Lavoie St.
Beauval, Saskatchewan
S0M 0G0
Phone: (306) 288-4800
Fax: (306) 288-4622

The mission of the clinic is to serve adults with both addiction and mental health issues. A tried and true approach to recovery is offered, as well as services for family members and those affected by a loved one’s addiction.

Saskatoon Adult Addiction Services

Sturdy Stone Building
156 – 122 3rd Avenue North
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 2H6
Phone: (306) 655-4100 (Central Intake)
Phone: (306) 655-7777

Serving those affected by alcohol addiction in Saskatoon. Only adults aged 18+ are accepted, and aftercare services are offered as well as support for those closest to the individual in recovery. Part of the RHA, and appointments or inquiries should be handled at the Saskatoon office.

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Alcoholics Anonymous in Saskatchewan

Alcoholics Anonymous or “AA” is a 12-step program that offers group connection between alcoholics in recovery. Founded in 1935, AA has helped millions around the world overcome their addiction to alcohol and regain empathy towards others in a friendly and welcoming environment.

We Agnostic Group

Open Meeting
Monday 7:00pm

North East Community Center
160 Broad Street
Asquith, Saskatchewan
S4R 1W9

Saturday Morning Live Group

Open Meeting
Saturday 10:00am

Community of Christ Church
701-1st Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7H 1S9

Acceptance is The Answer

Open Meeting
Wednesday 12:00pm

Knox Metropolitan United Church
2340 Victoria Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 0S6

South East Group

Open Meeting
Thursday 8:00pm

Oxbow Memorial Hall
409 Wylie Avenue
Oxbow, Saskatchewan
S0C 2B0